6 Top Reasons to Prefer Pivot Shower Doors

Pivot shower doors or swinging doors are among the top choice for shower enclosures. Due to the pivot hinges that are either attached to the top and down or in the middle, these can offer multiple ways of entrance into the shower area. In addition to that, you can also use this door on the entrance where three walls already exist. That will turn that shower space into an enclosure. So, it is big enough to cater to different requirements. Shower doors as you may already aware are important because they give your shower enclosure a finishing touch. The shower doors come in multiple styles to comply with the requirements of different shower spaces. A pivot shower doors UK is among these doors that are a top choice due to the many advantages over other shower enclosure types.

Here we have discussed different features of pivot doors.

Pivot Shower Doors Operate through Pivot Hinge

The pivot doors have the hinges attached to the top and bottom or in the center through the frame. It makes the operation of the door smooth with just simple iron hinges. Due to its simple operation, it can bear heavy usage while there is no risk to the door from sagging. Moreover, the pivot makes it possible for the door to operate in any direction.

Outward and Inward Opening

Pivot shower doors are the only shower doors that can open inward and outward. The pivot hinges on the top and the bottom makes it possible for you to operate it in any direction. That makes it a bit more flexible option when it comes to opening it. For example, the shower door always needs some clearance space. But in some cases, when you are out of space, it can be problematic to open the door outwards due to lack of space. In such cases, you can opt for an inward opening that will solve your problem.

Pivot Shower Doors Revolve Around the Center

Another option available for this type of door is by changing the position of the pivot hinges. When you fix it on the top and bottom rather than sides, it turns it into a revolving door. That means you can operate the door at 180 degrees. It can be a stylish addition to your pivot doors UK while it does not need much clearance space either. However, this option is appropriate if you have a large entrance area to cover for the shower door.

Suitable for Entrance Size 36 Inch To 48 Inch

It is a fact that the pivot shower doors UK for the enclosure can comply with most of the shower areas.  But there are few limitations where we can install these bathrooms. Therefore, it is important that you check the size of your entrance. It is common that most pivot enclosure doors are compatible with the size of 36 inches to 48 inches.

Pivot Shower Doors have Space Saving Characteristics

Pivot doors offer a space-saving feature giving you an option to open them in either direction. That means it needs less shower space as compared to other designs. With either option of revolving door or swing, you will be able to some precious space in the bathroom. So, if you are out of space in the bathroom then this can be a better option for you.

Easy to Use for People with Limited Mobility

Elderly or people with limited mobility sometimes feel it difficult to use shower enclosure. That is because opening the sliding or bifold doors may require some force.  Pivot doors on the other hand are very easy to operate and do not require much energy for opening and closing the door.

Buy Pivot Shower Doors from Royal Bathrooms UK.

Pivot doorsare a suitable option when you have bit large entrance area. These have various benefits including durability, ease of use, and aesthetics. At Royal Bathroom, we are the most trusted pivot shower doors UK brand. In case you are looking for a swinging door for an enclosure for the bathroom then you can explore our exclusive range.

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