Different Types of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

The majority of people who suffer from any muscular tissue or bodily pains usually know about chiropractors and physiotherapists. However, not many know about the different types of therapies their practitioners use for treating them.

In this post, we have briefly discussed some of them. Continue reading to know more about different types of physiotherapy.

Most Common Types of Physiotherapy

Geriatric Physical Therapy

With age, the metabolism rate of our body slows down. This gives rise to several issues that begin to grow prominent. In order to prevent such issues and for treating existing symptoms, geriatric physiotherapy is used. This type of therapy helps in maintaining your overall health that reduces the effects of ageing.

In short, geriatric physiotherapy can be used to:

  • Restoring strength, mobility and endurance
  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Improving overall health and fitness
  • Correcting bad posture

Pediatric Physical Therapy

The bone structure and body physiology of children, especially infants and babies are quite different from adults. Therefore, they need specialised care. This is where pediatric physiotherapy comes into the picture.

It is that branch of physical therapy that deals specifically with the body issues in children. The main objective of this therapy is to help children achieve their optimal physical development. The PTs help children by improving their range of motion, flexibility and strength and tend to make everyday activities easy and pain-free for kids.

Some of the benefits of pediatric physical therapy are:

  • Developing and enhancing motor skills.
  • Dealing with genetic disorders, congenital disabilities and developmental delays.
  • Regaining normalized movement.
  • Recovering from sports injuries, pain and head traumas.
  • Improving strength, endurance and balance.

Female Health

The branch of physiotherapy that deals with female-centric issues is known as female health or women?s health physiotherapy. This type of physiotherapy is focused on the functioning and all the issues related to the female reproductive system.

It can also be used to ease the pain involved in the process of childbirth as well as prenatal and postnatal care. Moreover, this therapy can help in treating fertility issues in women as well. Some advantages of this therapy are:

  • Relieving the pain for pregnant women
  • Strengthening the core
  • Addressing the issues of the pelvic region

It may also include Kegel-centric exercises for controlled childbirth.

Neurological Physiotherapy

The branch of physiotherapy that deals with the issues or conditions related to the nervous system is known as neurological physiotherapy. All conditions from strokes to head injuries, Parkinson?s disease, etc. involving the nervous system are dealt under it.

The main aim of neurological physiotherapy is to help the individual in regaining their mobility that they?ve lost due to any neurological or neuromuscular issues. Some benefits of neurological physical therapy are:

  • Rebuilding of new neural pathways
  • Improving balance, motor control and hand to eye coordination
  • Increasing sensation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Kinetic link training
  • Treatment of soft tissues

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

The is a type of physiotherapy that deals with the restoration of complete and unbarred functioning of the musculoskeletal system. It is popularly known as orthopaedic physical therapy and helps to restore the functioning of one?s muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Other than using therapy, manipulation and different kinds of exercises, sometimes PTs also recommend their patients to get deep tissue massage for relieving their body pains.

Some benefits of this therapy are:

  • Pain Alleviation
  • Increasing mobilization
  • After injury recovery
  • Realignment of the musculoskeletal system
  • Treating soft tissue damage

Sports Physiotherapy

The branch of physiotherapy that deals in the treatment of sports injuries is known as sports physiotherapy. It generally involves the treatment of athletes and sports professionals.

Physiotherapists with specialization in sports physiotherapy have in-depth knowledge about the kinds of strain that professional players get. Therefore, they?re able to treat them effectively.

Some of the benefits of Sports physiotherapy are:

  • Encouraging healing techniques
  • Progress in injury management
  • Assessment of Movements
  • Injury prevention

Bottom Line

Physiotherapy is one of those medical treatments that can improve the quality of your daily life and help you in performing your day-to-day tasks efficiently. Therefore, if you?re facing any difficulty in the movement of your body, you should immediately seek help.

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