Commonly Used Petroleum Products That Are Extracted From Crude Oil

Buying a good car is one of the most important things. But it is even more important to maintain it. The petroleum products used nowadays are of very bad quality that may end up ruining your best car. Multiple commonly used petroleum products are extracted from crude oil. However, some suppliers don’t manufacture it properly, and it might cause problems in your car.

You must choose the best oil and gas trading companies to prevent such mishaps. In this blog, we will tell you about crude oil, petroleum products, and the most commonly used petroleum products that are extracted from crude oil. We will also tell you about our most trusted brand, which offers the best fuels in the UAE. So stay tuned.

What is Crude Oil

Crude oil is also known as raw oil. It is manufactured from the fossils of animals, plants, and humans living on earth millions of years ago. The oil is saved in the form of underground reservoirs. Later, when petroleum products are required, this crude oil undergoes various filtration processes, and at every step, each useful petroleum product is released. Crude oil is a mixture of high hydrocarbons comprised of unrefined petroleum.

What is Petroleum Products

Petroleum products are products made from unrefined petroleum, also known as crude oil. We can also make these products from coal, natural gas, biomass, etc. However, the quality of those made from crude oil is excellent. These products may include Gasoline, waxes, lubricating oils, etc.

Commonly Used Petroleum Products that are Extracted from Crude Oil

Many petroleum products are extracted from crude oil. These are refined in each step of refining. First, the giant drilling machines extract it from the underground reservoirs. The crude oil is yet in a very unstable form and is a mixture of multiple hydrocarbons. Later, it is refined, and different petroleum products are extracted at each step.

The list of those products that are extracted from crude oil and are used as a fuel is as follows:


Petrol is the first and the most important product extracted from Crude oil. It is used widely worldwide as a fuel for engines and cars. Petrol, also known as Gasoline, is a mixture of hexanes and heptane. Boiling the fraction of crude oil up to 40-200 C produces Gasoline.


Diesel is the second most important and widely used product in the world that is extracted from crude oil. Diesel, also known as gas oil, is heavier and greasy than petrol. The high-brand cars use diesel as their fuel. It is the most expensive fuel compared to other fuels. Diesel is extracted by boiling the fraction of crude oil up to 250-400 C.

Jet Fuel

As the name suggests, jet fuel is a kind of fuel that is used in jets or airplanes. It is somehow similar to diesel but a bit purer and more advanced than it. It is very important to note that the area where we extract crude oil contains dumps of living organisms. The purest crude oil is used to make jet fuel.


As the name suggests, lubricants are used for lubrication. It is a process of greasing up the parts of a machine to prevent friction between them. The lubricants are non-volatile oils that contain a high range of carbons and are used for preventing friction. We use it in machines, cars, and doors to improve movement. Normally, the lubricants contain 80-90% petroleum hydrocarbon distillate and 10% additives.


Solvents are also a form of petroleum products most commonly used in industries and for research purposes. They are made up of high hydrocarbons to produce industry machines’ lubrication.

Petrochemical Feedstock

Industries use feedstock to produce products made up of chemicals. Petrochemical products manufacture certain products in industries such as synthetic plastic, polymers, rubbers, chemicals, epoxy resins, insulating materials, fertilizers, drugs, etc.

Liquefied Petroleum Gases

Liquefied petroleum gases are also known as natural gas. These gases also produce fuel for the burning and manufacturing of food. People who do not have a proper connection of gases in their homes also use this to provide a connection of cylinder with the stoves.

Heavy Fuel Oil

Heavy fuel oil is a fuel that contains high octane. This type of fuel is used in high-end cars. It is obtained by extraction through catalytic cracking and thermal cracking. The higher hydrocarbons make it the best residual fuel oil.


Paraffin is a refined and distilled version of kerosene. However, it is sometimes used interchangeably with kerosene oil. Both of these oils are used in homes for producing fire. The product obtained is of less soot when it is burned.


Kerosene oil is a famous type of oil that is made up of combustible hydrocarbons. This type of oil is used widely in aviation industries. It has low viscosity and clear colour and best suits burning without producing abrupt smoke. Kerosene oil can be produced when you burn the fractionate at 175-325C.

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