Why You Need to Personalize Your Weight Loss Plan

Weight loss is often viewed as a barometer for health. While many people in society will use it as a way to determine your level of worth or value, many health professionals point to weight as a simple health marker to know where you stand in relation to chronic or preventable health conditions. As you embark upon a weight loss journey, you’ll need to personalize the steps you take in order to achieve success. A weight-loss journey isn’t as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’ for a number of reasons. Consider why you need to personalize your weight loss plan.

1. You Know Your Dietary Restrictions/Allergies

There are plenty of diets in the weight loss world. Whether you choose to go vegan or try the ketogenic diet, you’ll need to consider your dietary restrictions and allergies. If you’ve subscribed to a religious denomination where meat, pork, and seafood are discouraged, this will limit your ability to fully enjoy the ketogenic diet. If you’re not a fan of a salad without grilled chicken or shrimp, a vegan diet will feel like a punishment for you. When you’re allergic to certain foods, you don’t want to adopt a diet that requires those foods for nutrition. Your allergies, religious observances, and preferences in taste are unique to you. If you rely on a nutritionist who doesn’t take this factor into account, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

2. You Understand What’s Practical

A weight loss plan requires discipline. If you don’t have the discipline to prepare your own healthy meals, you need to exercise discipline in finding healthy options that you can order from a takeout menu. If you already know you’re not going to stand in the kitchen and cook a bunch of meals to last the entire week, be honest and practical with yourself. When it relates to weight loss, you don’t want to totally rely on willpower to get the job done. Instead, focus on being disciplined in the practical steps. If you love to eat out, don’t follow a diet that requires you to cook everything from scratch. Focus on a diet that allows you to track points or use a system where you can order takeout that stays within the confines of your diet.

3. Stress Plays a Major Role

If you work in a high-stress environment, you’re going to need an exercise program that takes that into account. After all, going from one stressful experience to another might make your cortisol levels spike. When this happens, it’s much harder to drop weight. With a personalized diet and exercise plan, it’ll be much easier to factor in which exercises will help you to relieve stress, lose weight, and remain consistent for the long haul. Besides, success happens in the long run. You don’t want to get used to a quick sprint in order to lose weight and get in shape. Think of weight loss as a marathon. In this case, some days you can happily do a yoga or Pilates class in order to achieve great results. On other days, you can lift heavy weights in order to get closer to your weight loss goal.

4. Pre-Existing Conditions and Challenges are Major

If you’re struggling with a hormonal imbalance, it’s important to get that checked out by a doctor. However, your results will look different than someone who doesn’t. A woman who’s in the middle of menopause will need a different diet and exercise plan than an overweight woman in her early 20s. Metabolism, age and pre-existing conditions all matter as it relates to helping a person lose weight in an efficient manner.

Weight loss is such a touchy subject for so many people. This is mainly because people use it to judge each other. There are a lot of people who’ve endured really hurtful experiences such as ridicule and rejection due to their weight. It’s extremely important for you to take your weight loss journey in stride. Do your best to accept yourself as you are in this moment. Know that you are powerful, capable, and enough. From that place, you can embark upon a healthy weight loss plan that focuses on health instead of heartless judgments from others or yourself. Take it one day at a time, and you’ll succeed.

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