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    It is not appropriate to talk about weddings during the times of a pandemic like this. But, we can speak about the beautiful times that await you after the pandemic and you can start the planning of your beautiful wedding right away. Talking about the mainstream facets of marriage is quite boring. Here is a blog about one of the major aspect of marriage which is also the most endearing ? The Wedding Cakes! 

    • Firstly, choose your dress, d?cor, venue and guests before selecting your wedding cake. Why do you do that? Every girl wishes for a unique wedding cake for her special day. After you choose the requirements for your marriage, you can even customize a cake accordingly. This is concerning the appearance like the colour. Now, to decide the tiers of the wedding cake, you need to know the number of guests arriving. If it is comparatively lower like up to 100, then a 3-tier cake and if it is higher than 100, you might need a 5- tier cake. If you want a special top tier, you might have to talk to the baker.
    • The baker. This is very important. It is always better not to go to a new shop to buy your wedding cake. It is better to approach a baker or bakery whom you and your family know since ages. This is because it is your cake for your big day! We cannot take any chances. 
    • If you are going with a new shop which promises you with better taste and shape, then there has to be a few things for you to take care of. This includes the reviews. Check the reviews going to the website of the bakery. Check the social media posts to get a better idea. 
    • Most importantly, do a tasting check. It is not wrong for you to ask for the sample presentation of the cake before marriage and taste the cake. It is very important to do this step. 
    • The decisions on your dress style, the reception d?cor, the venue, and the flowers decide the ultimate appearance of your wedding cake. 
    • Give your baker a colour palette of the wedding, the photos of the bride and groom, venue, even the d?cor to give him/her an idea of everything. They can brainstorm different ideas and make the most special cake for your wedding. 
    • The cake serves as the most attractive and awaited thing for the marriage. Do make it unique but also going with the whole surroundings.
    • Next is the budget for your cake. Decide the budget and convey it to the baker beforehand. Also, ask for online delivery of wedding cakes as stepping out of the home to buy things during the time of marriage is quite impossible. 

    Additional points to be looked upon are, 

    • Read wedding magazines that showcase different types of cakes.
    • Look online at wedding cake ideas.
    • See for baker’s displays, particularly those who specify in cakes and fine pastry making.?
    • Look in old family pictures for various ideas.?

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