The perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for the Bride

diamond engagement ring

What is more traditional in terms of engagement rings? Obviously each can give what they want, or what they think their partner will like the most, but the traditional gift for the bride is usually an engagement rings London with one or more diamonds. Whether large or small (depending on the savings of each, and especially on how the bride is) the meaning of this gemstone is that of “desire for eternal love”. It is a hard and eternal mineral, so the symbology with marriage is perfect.

It is usually worn on the ring finger, which according to tradition is the finger in which the vein goes directly to the heart.

The most traditional ring is a bespoke engagement rings london, that is, with a single stone. On the contrary, tradition says that the groom gives the brilliant wedding ring (half a turn, or the whole turn) and that the groom’s parents give away the solitaire. But the ?Bespoke Forever ring? is now given equally.

How is she?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Is it sophisticated and Simple? Do you usually wear jewelry? Dress casual or formal? How do you have your hands, if your girl usually dresses casual and does not like extravagances, do not pose a solitaire with the super shiny, because she will surely not feel comfortable. You probably like an alliance that you can wear more on a daily basis. On the contrary, if she is a girl who loves to dress up, who is always jeweled, she is probably more excited by something more striking. If your girlfriend is romantic, perhaps the best choice is a vintage jewel.

You should also look at the comments she makes about her friends’ rings, if one day you stand in a store window, listen to what she likes best, and even ask her soul friend or mother or sister what she may like best.

Choose a good jewelry

Surely this will be one of the most beautiful jewelry you buy in your life. The one in which you have allocated your first savings, the one that gives way to a new stage … A jewel that your wife will always carry with her. For this reason, and because you are not experts, it is worth consulting well. In London there are great jeweler who always achieves the impossible, and understands jewelry as no one else. In addition, in this type of jewelers, if you go with time, you can make the piece unique, choosing the diamonds, the type of setting, etc. 

Do not feel bad about visiting several jewelry stores and asking thousands of questions. You must be convinced of the choice you make.

 Types of diamond

There are diamonds of various types and shapes, but the most important thing is to know what quality each stone is, and for this (linking with what said before) it is very important that they advise you well, and that they certify the quality. Sometimes perhaps a smaller diamond of higher quality is better than a huge one that doesn’t have one.

To certify the quality and value of a diamond, there is an international code of four variables, called 4 C: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat (carats), endorsed by the world’s leading diamond body, the American Gemological Institute.

– The Cut – It is the precise shape and position of the facets of the diamond. It is the most important factor that defines the beauty of the stone and this is something that most experts agree on. “When the choice is size or beauty designers always choose beauty”.

– Clarity. Here the purity of the stone is measured, how many stains or impurities are found inside and on the surface, and where they are arranged. Perfect diamonds are highly unusual.

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