Best Inc � Your Leading Help In Terms Of Full-On Range Of PCB Repairing And Reworking Services

In the current world of electronics, PCB soldering and repairing is one of the major skills to address. The team from Best Inc is here to help by offering a full-on range of PCB repairing and reworking services. The team consists of the best IPC trainers, with each one having years of professional experience in training and servicing electronics. 

Join the team as they offer you the best PCB repair work. The IPC Certified Technicians have years of working experience and offering the best solder training that you can get in this industry. You will learn more about the skills which are necessary to deal with modernized electronic PCB and soldering. Moreover, you can get some of the other services like BGA re-balling services, electronic x-ray sorting, LGA network, BGA network, and QFN rework services, to name a few.

The BGA and PCB rework services:

The reputed team members are here to offer multiple rework services, including the LGA Rework, PCB Rework, Rework BGA, and so much more. It is mainly the process of removing the replacing the components, whether it is in LGA, QFN, BGA, or any of the other surface mount of the through-hole component here.

  • Here, you will receive the expertise in soldering and the proficient acceptance criteria related to every device for covering the job in a professional manner.
  • The staff can easily perform the rework projects from multiple sizes. The members are going to automate the process to a degree whenever the need arises, depending on the delivery requirements.

The specialty over here is the rework BGA procedure. The team has already removed thousands of the BGAs right from the start of this journey. It has further continued to innovate the process in terms of new additions, differing the stencil options and further materials for shielding. With so many rework systems, robots, and pick and place tools, the members are now able to add creativity to the process development. They can catch up with client�s demands and work on that. 

  • They have loads of expertise in the field of the BGA rework platform. They can remove and replace worn-out parts with better spare parts.
  • You can expect the team to perform some A/B swaps, x-ray inspections, reball, and similar such services under one platform.

The idea behind QFN reworking services:

It takes advanced processes and highly skilled individuals to work on reliable and consistent QFN rework. For this purpose, you will need to bond new pads to the board, solder mask repair, and design some custom apertures and stencils for the same. The right procedure will bump pads on the leadless devices, which will make the rework and placement task a lot easier. In the end, the integrity of the QFN rework must be proficiently stated with the help of X-ray inspection and endoscopic use for the joints.

How to solve the issue with QFN reworks:

Successful QFN reworks procedure will save you lead time and amount. It will help you to match with the delivery requirements of your customers when no other process can do that. This company will develop QFN rework profiles for the board and then complete the risk analysis. FMEA, PPAP, process flow diagram, and control plan are some of the extra features you can expect from the group of professionals here.

  • Because of the client�s document requirements and the protocols of the automotive industry, the above-mentioned items form a major part of completing the job. 
  • When the client signed the procedure, the experts from this source will complete the QFN rework with around 99% of the successful first-pass yield. 
  • Then the QFN parts will be bumped with the help of the Stencil Mate procedure before placing onto solder paste printed patterns on the circuit board.

The processing starts right after few short days to satisfy the current delivery commitments as made. The customer will visit the center after the rework process got developed and audited on a specific process and after covering the quality management system.

Right tools and technicians for the said job:

The company has quite some experience in developing rework solutions for QFNs, LGAs, and some of the other bottom components. It was further awarded various patents for the said innovations. Among all the techniques, the patented Stencil Mate process is the one to ease the reworking and placement of leadless devices.

For successful rework, it is mandatory to provide correct solder printing of the PCB land pages. The well-trained engineers are well-aware of this point, and the design of proper apertures and stencils for the KGA and QFN reworks.

Covering all kinds of projects:

Whether the device is using large ground planes or a smaller package-based QFN network, the engineers are able to cover it all with ease. So, make sure to catch up with the right team and get your services covered as and when asked for.

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