PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH BATTERY is the most modern bat therapy system in the market. With a unique and patented design, this rechargeable battery powered bathe system offers the best value for your money. PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH is suitable for both home and commercial establishments. With its modern technology and user-friendly interface, it makes cleaning and bathing a breeze. PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH is the only product that is approved by the FDA and NICEIC.

PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH battery recharged can last up to six hours on a single charge. It comes with an LED display that displays the charging rate and remaining time. You can also monitor the overall battery life on a graphical screen while it is being charged. The lightweight design of the portable power bathe makes it easy to carry and move from one location to another. You can also connect it to a power outlet during transportation.


PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH rechargeable battery is very useful in case of power outages. You can easily make use of this power supply in your electronic devices to avoid blackouts. PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH can also be used as an emergency power source during flooding and power outages. It can even be used for marine applications. The convenience of having a portable power bathe at your fingertips is a matter of great comfort and safety for the user. The adjustable pressure setting allows you to set the level of convenience and comfort that you require.

PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH has a unique feature of having both lights on the exterior and a night vision mode. It also features two-way hands-free facility so that both your hands can work conveniently. There is a high temperature warning facility which shuts off the unit when the temperature falls below a specific level. A self-contained system of nine-volt battery, nine-volt power adapter, a nine volt battery charger and a charger cord with an AC adapter is used for charging the unit. This unit is equipped with a user programmable LED display.

You can always use this battery to run a fan at night or to run your air conditioner or heater. The water-powered unit runs silently and continuously without disturbing even the smallest of things. It has an auto shut off feature and a cold water booster to keep your unit cool when it is not in use. Even when the battery is fully charged, the PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH will still keep working until the water is drained completely.

This product is also available with an interchangeable face plate called the Faceplates. It is a great way to personalize your device and make it all yours. With the Faceplates you can have the PATRIOT POWER Company logo printed on them. You can also get your name, the phone number and address printed. This makes your equipment looks good and is a cost effective way to give away to your friends and family.

The PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH is powered by the compressor so it can be a safe and efficient way to provide power to any household appliance that needs electricity. There are no harmful emissions from this device. It uses no electricity and does not have any component that can cause harm to the environment.

The PATRIOT POWER 12V 100AH has an extremely long anticipated lifespan when compared to other similar devices. It can go up to two or three years without requiring a change. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, hurricanes and strong sunny days. It is also a good device to use as a backup because it can hold enormous amounts of water. No power outage means no water shortages.

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