5 party makeup looks and trends to rock your 2021!

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The world has turned completely upside down ever since the pandemic has struck. Forget going out on summer days and partying on the weekends, even working out of office is no longer an option. Lockdowns are lifting, yes, but most of us are at home, inside, for an indefinite period.?

Stepping out is a luxury and a cautious step. While this has given us a chance to focus on our skincare, our favourite makeup products lay ignored. But, us humans are the most pliable species. We do figure out ways to do what we love the most. Even when it comes to creating makeup looks.

So, even in the time of quarantining, we see influencers and enthusiasts coming up with various looks, and as far as work and party is concerned, video calls are trying to connect us all. While the presence is on camera and not face to face, you can play dress up and flaunt your makeup looks.

And yes, when the world opens and as and when you step out, you can always go back to your OG style. But, for now, we are here with some quick makeup looks and hacks that can help you transform yourself for that party. From weekend parties and date night to smokey eyes and red lipstick that form a chic look for party makeup, we have covered it all and more. Let?s start.

Tips and trends ruling the rooster of celebratory makeup looks

Let?s start with some of the most popular looks that are surely rolling the trend market and will help you transform your look, whether it?s an office makeup or a weekend makeup for a getaway.

#1 Coloured eyeliner

This is one of the most popular yet most under-utilised trends. So much so that we can?t believe we have to say it out loud. While blacks and browns will forever be the classics that never go out of vogue, coloured eyeliners are the best way to add a perfect oomph to the simplest of looks. You can pick any deep shade, possibly one with glitter if you want more drama, and sweep it over your lashline and eyelid for that dramatic party effect. Just remember to be safe with your waterline. Our pick would be the Kiro Beauty Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil available in the shades Saphhire Blue and Smoked Violet, apart from the classic Earth Brown.

These eyeliners are opthalmologist-tested and contain the goodness of vitamin E and argan oil, thus soothing the eyes and at the same time giving an intense colour payoff and lasting prowess. If you want eye makeup that doesn?t melt as you dance off in the evening, this one should be a part of your party makeup looks kit.

#2 One-tone eyeshadow

One-toned eyeshadow or mono eyeshadow is another trend that you can pick up on. It?s the 21st century and it runs on the mantra of less is more. Pick glazed bronzes or muted golds that are as glamorous in the day as they are in the night. This means, whether you are going for a fox eye makeup or smokey eyes, or even those natural makeup looks, these eyeshadows will help you rock every one of those makeup looks that you dreamed of rocking. 

Kiro Beauty Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick is a perfect choice for those who want a hint of glam in their subtle. And trust us when we say, that?s the trend that we are rooting for, now onwards. From the subtle tones of Peachy Gold and Sandy Copper to the gorgeous moon tones of Lunar Champagne, there is an array of unique shades that can totally elevate your eye makeup, taking it from natural to glitz in a few seconds. Just remember to blend one. Oh and we have a pro tip as well. You can use the lighter shades as highlighters. It?s just as creamy and easy to blend.

#3 Classic smokey eyes

As we mentioned earlier, black and brown never goes out of vogue. These are the two classics that will always find their way to your eye makeup looks, whether you are going on a summer day date or even for a party night. If you have nothing in hand, a classic smokey eye will always come to the rescue. And it’s quite easy to whip up as well. 

If you are someone who likes to go for minimal products, you can create a smokey eye by using just a kohl and a brown eyeliner. Also, given your eyes are delicate, we?d suggest switching your drugstore brands for something more clean and toxicity-free, which is also high in pigmentation and long-lasting. For instance, we pick the Kiro Beauty Kajal All-Day Comfort Kajal Liner which is rich in vitamin E and C and also prevents inflammation. You can probably combine it with the Hi-Def Soothing Eyeliner Pencil in Earth Brown. If you wish to glam up your look even more, apply the Longwear Brightening Eyeshadow Stick in the shade of your choice. In two to three steps, you?d be ready with gorgeous smokey eyes.

#4 Drip me red

If smokey is the classic choice for eyes, red is for the lips, and also for the nails. And trust us when we say this, it is not cliched. A red lipstick is always a classic and gorgeous choice, but what you need to know is which texture suits your skin best and which is the perfect red for you (yes, there are different reds; from the perkiest ones to the muted ones).

Of course, you want a red that doesn?t smudge along the wine lines as you party and you want it to last long. But, you are getting longevity with lead and a lot of toxic ingredients that offer no nourishment and only colour, something even a sketch pen can do. So, what do you do? You pick a red that?s clean. Something like the Kiro Beauty Non-Stop Airy Matte Liquid Lip in the shades Terra Red (a bright red) or Scarlet Poppy (a blood red) or even Fiery Ruby (magenta hints). These liquid lipsticks stay for long and are non-transferrable. But not at the cost of nourishment! It contains the goodness of apricot oil and avocado oil. 

Not just the lips, you can also pick red nail paints in the red hue and paint your pinkies as you step out. This should complete your office makeup looks and date night looks in the same breath.

#5 Bubblegum lips 

This is one of the trends that focuses on eyes and lips alike, and yet highlights the two in a manner so that none is overwhelming. If you are someone who is into Barbie looks, you?ll definitely love it. Bubblegum lips refers to heavily glossed pink lips that have a blue hue. 

You can sport this look with heavy mascara and bronze lids, or you can go for smokey eyes. In either case, your lips look moisturised and coloured and your eyes take the centrestage, giving it a nice natural look with a hint of glam. This is something you can pull off both during the day and at night, work or party.

The best pick here would be the newly launched Kiro Beauty Super Butter Lip Lacquer. A blend of five butters, this one is super nourishing, making lips better with every application, retiring your lip balm for good. At the same time, this super moisturising formula comes with an intense colour payoff and a shade for every skin tone. This makes it just the perfect choice if you wish to pull off the bubblegum lips makeup look.

Pick celebratory looks, the conscious and clean way

The way we party, date and work has changed and it is going to be like that for quite some time to come. But as long as we cheer virtually, we can experiment and replace our toxic makeup with more conscious and cleaner choices. Kiro Beauty uses the perfect blend of science and nature to create products that are high on colour and staying power, yet soft and nourishing on the skin. At the same time, the products are vegan and cruelty-free, thus removing any ounce of guilt that the other products may bring along.

Stay trendy, stay conscious, stay stylish. The way we make ourselves up is changing, for good.

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