Learn Quran

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Quran is the holy book comprise of words of Allah. The primary construct it has, the significance it conveys are unmatchable and not to be found in any book on the earth. Notwithstanding the profundity of meaning that the Quran verses carry, there is additionally its radiant language that it makes it separated from any…

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the Triund trek

The Triund : A Must Do Trek

Set amidst the beautiful Himachal territory enhanced by the charms of Dharamshala, one leaves upon the trek at the lower regions of the Dhauladhar extend at Triund trek close by the Kangra valley clearing your path through the dubious path and stunning pathways all through. One can pick two different ways to head on the…

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Leh Ladakh

The Guide of Leh Ladakh Tour

Leh Ladakh Tourism Ladakh is otherworldly in every one of the circles it covers, from nature, topography, views to the unobtrusive societies that it encourages. Directly from gompas to the thrilling momos, the superabundance of attractions to visit makes this city make it paradise on earth. For those of us living in the consistent perplexity…

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