Uber vs. Rental Car – Competition

Until a point, you had to wave hands at taxis to get a transport or reach a destination. However, with inception of Uber in 2009, the uber vs rental car services went through a catastrophic and transformational change. How Uber VS Car Rental Services Went Through a Catastrophic Change With […]

Why Emotional Dependence Destroys Your Relations

Emotional dependence is the main cause of many dating problems. When you meet new people, emotional dependence makes you unattractive, and in relationships, your dependence on your partner prevents you from meeting him at eye level. In this article, you will learn what emotional dependency means, what specific problems it […]

13 features that make you a real Gemini

A sign of air, Gemini has a great youthful spirit. His zest for life is a real cure for age. Its sociable and versatile character hides a restless personality for which the notion of commitment is quite foreign. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Are you Gemini? Discover 13 […]