Jobs in Singapore

    How to Motivate Enthusiasm in Your Employees?

    Many people can find it hard to stay enthusiastic and motivated in the workplace. Although managers and supervisors strive to push the business ahead, maintain customer satisfaction high, and boost the bottom line, they can often forget that they also have to motivate passion and inspire their staff. Active employees are eagerly involved in their…

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    learn new language

    Tips to help you learn a new language

    Learning a new language can be a tedious task, especially for adults who have lost touch with books or even a learning environment. The decision to learn or master a new language could be due to professional or personal reasons, but getting a new language would require particular discipline. At Miles Smart Tutoring, our language…

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    Bijoy Keyboard

      Importance of Artificial Intelligence

      In the world of computer science, artificial intelligence refers to a human-like intelligence that is executed by a robot, a machine, or a computer. AI or artificial intelligence consists of the ability of a computer or a machine to mimic the capabilities of human minds learning from their experiences and examples by understanding and responding…

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      scaffold tower

        The Pros and Cons of Home Renovations

        If you have a perfect old home, you would consider renovating it instead of buying a new home. Your responsibility is to make your home look good, for your family to always look forward to being home. Here are some pros and cons of home renovation. Pros of Home Renovation 1.    Adds Value to Your…

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          Is your MS Outlook not responding?

          There may be multiple causes for the Microsoft Prospect to avoid responding. The issue may possibly arise when you start or close Microsoft Prospect, reply to an email, switch from folder to folder, or publish or acquire an attachment. It occurs frequently at the days when you are replying to an important email. Let’s explore…

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