Best Outfits To Look More Stylish In Summer 2021

The best season to wear those trendy yet breezy and light outfits has arrived!

No matter how much we complain about the heat and the scorching sun, it is the season that brings out our very best looks and that gorgeous, honey-toned skin!

Being cooped inside the confinement of our homes has made most of us look forward to the time where could finally be outdoors again. The last year was spent in sweatpants and lounge chairs with no dressing up or going out. Most of our favorite looks from the fashion magazines couldn�t be carried out.

This year though, thanks to the ease in restrictions, we are finally able to be out and about in public!

This necessitates the use of personal care and following the guidelines provided by your local authorities. We know you have been waiting for meeting up with vaccinated buddies, beach hangouts, and party nights.

We are here to help you ease back into your fashion game with the best options of colorful summer outfits that will have heads turning in your direction. This year has brought back many old trends with a few tweaks and also a variety of bright, vibrant colors to exhibit our inner happiness and joy at moving back towards a normal life.

We hope you find the outfit that best compliments your mood and looks. Happy summers to you!


The most straightforward, elegant, and forever trendy monochromes are back. Many of the most famous designers have displayed the classy black and white combination in the most desirable way possible.

From long evening gowns to short flowy dresses, shoulder-padded jackets to flared pants, oversized shirts to skirts, or the checkered print!

The options are endless at Johnston and Murphy promo code, with the latest trends and fashion accessories to go with your favorite dress to bring the perfect look together.

Swim Wear

Beach parties are the most prioritized summer activity to beat the heat and have some quality time with friends. This season, dress to impress with the latest swimwear trends to make you feel cool and tempting.

Be it pool parties, back yard BBQ�s or beach trips gear up with the trendiest and top-of-the-line designs that are both comfortable and stylish using the Beachsissi promo code to avail the best deals and discount offers that will make your summers even more exciting.

Experiment with colors, prints, and designs for a more style statement kind of look for a post-pandemic, Insta worthy picture!

Baggy Trousers

Since comfort prevails dominantly after the pandemic, new trends in wide stride trousers are taking over your everyday trouser shape of choice.

This is a bona fide trend for this summer and a quite popular one at that. The baggy trend dictates a more relaxed silhouette perfect to be paired with trench coats or mannish blazers in subdued, soft pastel colors.

If you are looking to revamp your look this summer with some comfortable options, then this is a must-have for you. With varying ways to wear it, neutral, wide-legged trousers will see you through summer.

Mini Dresses

You might want to go for miniskirts or dresses with high hemlines that accentuate your legs. They are perfect for this summer with the skin-baring trend this year as showcased on all major fashion runways. 

Minis have made a major come back with a strong following. With a variety of styling options, floral prints, and silhouettes, minis fall nothing short of chic.

Wearing a mini dress is synonymous with being fun and exciting as it gives you that extra boost of confidence. It also exudes that aura of flamboyance and youthfulness that is every woman�s favorite accessory. 

Strappy Outfits

With trends that have us flinching at the absurdity of fashion to trends that have us drooling and running for the stores, this summer is all about showing skin!

Fashion should look classy. Aiming for a dress with sophisticated straps and intricate detailing is the best way to bare flesh without revealing too much. 

Whether you opt for more casual looks like pants with classy tops or slightly semi-casual looks like summer dresses. Slinky front straps and tie-fastening drawstrings are all part of the dress code.

You can never go wrong with strappy gowns, whether that be spaghetti strap dresses with plunging necklines, satin gowns with a high split down the leg, or a classic gown with a sweetheart neckline.

Gilded Garments

Having stayed indoors for more than a year has made people want to come out with bold bling!

Oh yes, the sequins have made a strong comeback. Anything shiny, blingy, or heavily embellished with sequins and rhinestones is a style statement for this season. 

Designers have showcased the most beautiful collection of shiny outfits that have us completely hooked. From motorcycle jackets to golden maxi dresses, gilded garments are all the rage for chic party and daywear outfits.

Sorbet Pastel Tones

Summers and pastels go hand in hand, and sorbet pastels are currently the talk of the town.

With their calming effect on the nerves and easy on the eyes quality, they are the perfect remedy to beat the heat. Whoever said pastels and candy colors were for babies couldn�t be more wrong.

Pastels do not have to be baby pink and baby blue. There is a broad spectrum of colors in this palette. From beautiful lemon, lavender, mint, pale pink, and dusty blues, you can choose any color to celebrate the solstice in full swing.


Corsets are back in mainstream fashion since the beginning of this year. With celebrities rocking this piece of the garment at big events, it was all the confirmation needed to make this trend a success.

Corsets do not have to be singularly used as undergarments to be worn inside or outside of clothes. Another way to wear the corset is to pair it up with some classy jeans. To completely slay this look, you need to accessorize your outfit for a classier look.

This Bridgerton-like trend has been significantly on the high, being flaunted by celebrities who have embraced this look and even posted it on their social media platforms.

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