Hygienic Food in Your Train Seats – Place Food Order in Train

food order in train

Your favorite dish & cuisine at the train berth or station to make the journey special

Order food on the train from TRAINMEAL, to enhance your overal travery experience! Without good food or meal, travel will be hectic and troublesome. The pantry food might not interest you and thus we can assist you with faster delivery of recipes at your berth. It is very simple to use the platform, search for your favorite meal, and place instant orders for it!

“The fun-filled train ride needs to include food that inters all – or else the entire experience will be ruined. It is a desirable way to keep the members energetic throughout the trip. TRAINMEAL promises you the most desirable food in multiple train routes across India.”

It is time to make the most of the opportunities for getting food at your train seats. Simply place your PNR number and search for restaurants providing dishes at your berth. Come up with desirable solutions for dinner so that you can enjoy a nice sleep on the train. TRAINMEAL is your partner delivering home-cooked food at specific train routes. There is no replacement for delicious food and it will be served at your seat with effective packaging. Check the category of food available with the e-catering partner and place a safe bet for instant food order in train.

Why Place Food Orders in Train from Our Platform?

As the e-catering partner, we deliver quality meals at your berths & specific stations for the best food box delivery on your seat. The pantry food options are not liked by all and it is crucial to pick options with varied food delivery on the train. People also carry home-cooked food for the train journeys and it is very easy to place instant orders from TRAINMEAL. Come try delicious food from the dedicated food restaurants with specific delivery services at the desired train stations.

A variety of dishes or food items are available for train trips. Take the specific call selection of dishes as per preference from the e-catering platform. There are all kinds of cuisines available for easy orders and do appropriate planning for it.

The desirable way to get hygienic meals. Be assured of getting quality food in your train seat or berth as per FSSAI guidelines. It is one of the desirable ways to get fresh & clean food from reliable vendors.

The food is delivered in proven packaging. The online food delivery platform is delivering packaged food items to your seats and is sealed as the best way to avoid leakages. Enjoy a pleasant eating experience by placing instant orders for online food delivery in your location.

It is easy to use the platform. The other benefits of using the e-catering platform are to ensure the simple placement of online orders. Select a restaurant having different meal options and place separate orders each time to enjoy different food items.

Pay easily for food items online. The e-catering platform is accepting different types of payments and place order in trains in the simplest manner. Complete the payment of online food orders using UPI, debit/credit card, net banking, and others.

TRAINMEAL has a track record of striving to different food requirements and ensuring the easy serving of quality meals for all passengers. Confirm the pick-up station so as to accept the food meals on favorable destinations. Plan your food order in train that suits your tastes and also the delivery of items as per convenience. Try placing the orders early to ensure on-time delivery of food items in a simple manner. The packaging is done as per proven lines to get delivery in a record timeline.

Excited about online meals at your train berth? Place food orders in train from authorized vendors to cater to the request of all members. Travel conveniently to your destination and complete different tasks by taking food that fits different interests. Place orders sitting from your train seat and get assured delivery within specific timelines.

Food orders in the train will ensure smoothening up of the journey and get delivery of your favorite food on time! Consult with professionals to understand the placement of orders and ensure fast receiving of items. 

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