Everything you Need to Know about Online Video Game Streaming

The gaming sector has seen rapid expansion in recent years. Earlier, kids would play simple video games, but over time, the definition of video games has changed completely. There’s a lot that the video game arena has to offer. These online games attract not only kids but also adults. The live video games and clips not only offer excitement and fun but are also beneficial in many ways.

Online video game streaming and clips can be categorized into various genres. Let’s have a look at them:

Action games

The action games are the ones wherein the player is in control of the action. It comprises physical challenges that players need to overcome. Somehow, action games are really exciting for people, and they are one of the most popular games and clips. 


The games are named so because the game’s character interacts with platforms such as running, falling, and jumping via the gameplay. There are different types of platform games that are popular among kids as well as elders.


Shooter games are the ones that encourage players to engage in an action wherein the goal is to defeat the enemies or players from the opposite team. Shooters can be categorized into three, namely first-person shooters, third-person shooters, and top-down shooters.


The fighting games focus on hand-to-hand combat. In most fighting games, players fight their way up to the top, taking more and more difficult opponents as they progress.

Simulation games

Games in this genre have one common factor i.e., they are designed to emulate real pr fictional reality for simulating a real situation or event.

Strategy games

The strategy games need the player to use carefully developed strategies and tactics for overcoming challenges. These types of games have turned into real-time gameplay on player feedback.

Sports games

The sports games include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and golf. Opposing players in the game are computer-controlled but can take the form of live opponents. 

Puzzle games

The puzzle games or the logic games need the player to solve a problem for advancing an action. 

These days the video games are enjoyed by a vast majority of people, right from young kids to elders and seniors. They have become part and parcel of our lives. Every age group has its own list of favourite video games and clips. Some people consider games to be better than watching TV as games need participation and keep you active. 

How video games benefit children?

Some people are of the strong belief that children should not be allowed to play video games. However, it is always better than allowing them to watch TV or spend time on phones and computers. Depending on the type of game you allow your child to play, video games can have a positive impact on kids. It can help them in mental and physical growth.

Here’s a look at some benefits of playing video games for kids:

  • Studies show that playing video games offers a boost to reading skills in children. This can benefit kids who struggle with reading issues. This may happen because kids need to figure out instructions to play. Video games should not replace books, but they can help in improving reading skills.
  • Playing video games can help in improving the visual-spatial skills. This can help kids in getting a better understanding of the distance and space. 
  • Problem solving is a significant benefit of playing video games. Every video game has a challenge at its core. There are puzzles and mysteries which stimulate problem solving in children to find a solution. Experts say that kids who play video games improve in areas of planning, organization, and flexible thinking. 
  • Some kids find it difficult to make friends and socialize with people. Video games can help them in connecting with people in a positive way. Video games give kids something to talk about with friends and classmates. These days’ games are a mainstream topic for kids, just like music, movies, sports, etc. Interest in games can give them a topic to talk about and boost their confidence. 
  • Video games can help in boosting the imagination and creativity of kids. Games can make them creative and curious, which can help in several aspects of life, including studies, art and craft, etc. 
  • And last but not least, kids who have an interest in video games can pursue a career in the same field. There are several career opportunities in this industry, such as events, coding, marketing, etc. 

The video games not only benefit children but also benefit elders and seniors in many ways. It has been observed that many adults who play video games find themselves in a better mood. According to some studies, both regular and occasional gamers reported well-being, social functioning, and good health. 

Video games can offer physical benefits as well, especially to seniors. Certain games can help seniors in improving balance, coordination, and reflexes due to the quick decision-making required to play. Video games lead to improvement in cognitive ability as well. It can reverse the signs of aging. It has also been suggested that VR has been effective for relaxation, increasing social connections, and preventing dementia. Playing video games helps senior citizens exercise their brains and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Apart from playing video games, individuals who engage in seeing video game clips have demonstrated qualities of improved:

  • Vision
  • Multitasking
  • Awareness
  • Precision

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