How To Overcome Online Tutoring Challenges In The United Kingdom

Switching to online tutoring can be a complicated process for teachers. The transition from traditional to online tutoring comprises several frequent online tutoring challenges for teachers that can be addressed in many simple but effective ways. Tutoring can be a difficult job. However, if a tutor is aware of handling difficult tutoring situations and difficulties, overcoming each obstacle becomes much more manageable.

Every student brings prior knowledge, experience, and skills to tutoring sessions. The tutor’s role is to figure out what the student already understands and their abilities to improve to achieve their academic goals.

Online Tutoring Challenges For Teachers

Many teachers report encountering a range of difficulties when shifting and adjusting their practice to online tutoring. There are solutions; therefore, let’s start with the psychology behind this phenomenon. No matter what kind, changing one’s habits is a difficult task to handle. Every alteration to a routine compels a person to step outside their comfort zone. We see a lot when we talk to educators about their new online activities. This type of transition also causes students to feel anxious and as if their lectures are losing control. Any new experience generates a certain level of tension in the beginning. Whether you are altering a small piece of your home or the entire house, you must retain an open mind.

online tutoring challenges

Here are the biggest challenges of online teaching and common difficulties tutors face, along with suggestions on overcoming them and creating a learning environment that produces the best results for students.

Challenges Of Online Teaching And Possible Solutions

Low Motivation

Tutoring frequently supplements full-time studies. It might be too much for some learners. It is difficult for students to stay motivated and enjoy learning new things. On the other hand, the teacher is responsible for motivating students to learn. Discovering a student’s hobbies outside of the classroom is one technique to encourage them. You can use your student’s interests in the learning process once you know what they like. It is a good idea to include real-life scenarios that connect the learning content to the student’s chosen topic.

Anxiety And Stress

Students who attend tutoring sessions are likely to have had difficulty learning in a typical classroom setting. Their parents may be exerting further pressure on the student to maximise their tutoring time.These kids believe they seek help from a tutor because they have failed. They will never consider learning to boost their chances of success if they link it with failure. That is why instructors must first fully comprehend the student’s learning style. It is a good idea to combine study and adventure. It is vital for anxious or stressed students to approach their tasks enthusiastically.

Inappropriate Behaviour

At some point in their careers, all tutors will confront misbehaving kids. Tutoring sessions frequently allow the learner to examine more closely and anticipate their concerns. For example, suppose your student has a terrible home life and is prone to misbehaving in class. In that case, you will need to alter your teaching method to rein in the bad behaviour and channel the negative energy into productive learning.

Problems With Learning New Things

Learning new concepts can be a challenge for parents and students both. Tutors can be working with a student who requires more time to practise and master new material before applying it to other subjects. If a teacher is  trying to convey a new concept, instructional games are the most effective way to do so. Students will be able to practise skills and discover new things in these settings. Students will acquire a new concept or skill and be able to put it into practice right away.


Tutors occasionally work with students who do not complete assignments. What happens is that they don’t have the mental hooks or motivation to study and comprehend. Suppose you are working with a student who came to tutoring due to laziness or other issues that hinder them from completing assignments. In that case, you should concentrate on expanding on their prior knowledge and skill set.

Individualised learning is the way to go in this situation. Because you are dealing with a single pupil, you have plenty of time to figure out which strategy will be most effective. Tutors may identify the most effective mental hooks as rewards or incentives for completing assignments. Once pupils have completed their assignments, the prizes can be given in enjoyable educational activities.

Online tuitions in the United Kingdom plan a standard approach to deal with such problems. The tutor knows the techniques to handle difficult tutoring situations. Let?s look at different online exams preparation courses offered in online tuitions in the United Kingdom and the challenges faced by students while preparing for them.

SATs Online Tuition 

The majority of the students face challenges while preparing for important exams like Years 2 and 6 SATs. These exams are necessary for their academics and decide their performance for future entries. Online tuitions in the United Kingdom develop a particular and specialised syllabus for each subject. These distinguished subjects include kS1 SATs English, kS2 SATs English, kS1 SATs Maths and kS2 SATs Maths. Online tuitions help students have direct and detailed knowledge of the essential materials required for the prep. Frequent quizzes and live lectures help cement their understanding of the best performance. 

11 Plus Online Tuition

Another critical exam for students is the 11 Plus exam. Students often lack a proper guideline and preparation schedule for their 11 Plus exam. Parents search for the best 11 Plus tuition in Birmingham ?for their children. Online 11 Plus tuitions offer excellent benefits to cater the challenges parents and students face. These include one-to-one tutoring to address individual concerns and a paced learning scheme for the child.?

Furthermore, 12 Plus and 13 Plus exams are other vital exams for the student?s future. These exams require a strong study plan as they are much more competitive and standardised. Online tutors shape a child?s mind by creating a flexible schedule. They aim to provide quality content along with understanding a student?s mindset. 

The online tutoring challenges faced by students as well as tutors are discussed in this blog. 

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