Is an Online MBA Worth It? The Return on Your Investment?

MBA in any specialization can easily build your business acumen and also enhance your ability to lead and manage things better. The course helps you connect to the corporate as well as social people through online learning and even while in your job. Most of the students think one thing: will it be beneficial after completing an MBA degree in online mode. 

Online MBA: Return on your Investments

There are various benefits that an online MBA provides to its students. These benefits are the same for online students too. Students will get many responsibilities while doing their jobs after Online MBA with many perks like work promotions, confidence-boosting, alumni network accessibility, and much more. Students of online MBA also get good salaries in their managerial positions that they achieve after completing their respective courses.

According to a survey conducted by Graduate Admission Management Council, the salary provided to fresh MBA graduates that most companies are expecting to offer is an all-time high, reaching $ 115, 000. At the start of the pandemic, it was dropped to $ 105,000. According to another report released by the US, the average salary for students who have passed their graduation recently was $96,974. There is a 22 per cent increase in the salary package which was Dollar 79, 352. 

How Much Does an Online MBA Cost?

The fee structure for an online MBA program may vary from one institution to another or it also depends on the college or university whether it is private or govt. As per the latest ranking report published by Quants and Poets, the top ten online school business program fee ranges between $35,375 and $141, 320. Private colleges demand more fees as compared to the regular ones. Students need to check the fee structure of the course in the institution where they want to take admission. 

Online Vs Traditional MBA Courses

Let?s consider the basic difference between online and traditional MBA programs. 


One of the best things that an online MBA provides is the flexibility in completing the course. In this mode of education, students can easily take classes from any corner of the country. They don?t need to relocate or even quit their jobs. On the other hand, a regular MBA doesn?t provide flexibility to working professionals as all the students need to meet the attendance criteria for getting a degree at the end of the course.


Online MBA programs are usually cheaper than regular ones. However, in a regular mode of study, you will get more classes and attention from your professors and teachers. In order to check the fee for an online and regular mode of MBA, visit the website of the respective college. 

Face to Face Interactions

In online education of management, the interactions with your professors, teachers and instructors along with your peers will be done virtually. You can get suggestions and ask your queries virtually by sitting in front of your computer screen. 

Today, online education is being promoted by government and non-government organizations in order to provide flexibility to the students so that we can prepare more and more management professionals at a very low cost and affordable fee. Online communities also welcome virtual education because, with this mode, a student can easily pursue their career with the same degree of value. In the online mode of education, you can easily connect to your class fellows, course coordinators and other people using the virtual platforms because there are many instructors or teachers who don’t visit the university regularly. It’s a good plus point of this educational system. Also read: 10 Top Career Options after MBA: What to do After MBA?


Finally, we can say that online MBA courses provide a good platform to make a perfect balance between your professional as well as academic career. The course holds an appropriate degree value just like regular courses provide. Students can easily take admission using the online services of universities offering online courses. With the emergence of new diseases like COVID-19 etc, candidates are encouraged to take online admissions. The program offers the best management skills and training for all your business goals. It enhances online career opportunities for various specializations taught in the MBA segment. The online resources are provided on the web portals of online universities. 

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