The Best Online GST Calculators for Your Business

Online GST calculators

As the tax landscape continuously evolves, businesses across the globe are looking for easier methods to calculate their Goods and Services Tax (GST) amount. The introduction of the GST system in India unified the Indian economy, reducing the cascading tax effect. 

However, it also increased the need for businesses to efficiently compute their GST. This is where an Online GST Calculator becomes essential. They are designed to calculate the GST amount that needs to be paid on different goods and services. Here are some of the best online GST calculator for your business.

1. ClearTax GST Calculator: ClearTax offers an easy-to-use online GST calculator for businesses to quickly determine their GST amount. You only need to enter the original cost and the GST rate applicable, and the calculator will instantly provide the GST inclusive and exclusive prices. It is perfect for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their industry. Apart from calculating GST, ClearTax also enables users to check their GST registration status, ensuring they are always compliant.

2. QuickBooks Online GST Calculator: As a widely recognized accounting software provider, QuickBooks does not disappoint with its online GST calculator. The tool is user-friendly, providing accurate results in seconds. On entering the net or gross amount and the applicable GST rate, you get the corresponding GST amount and the price inclusive or exclusive of GST. QuickBooks also enables you to check your GST registration status online.

3. Taxmann GST Calculator: This online GST calculator helps you compute the tax amount on intra-state and inter-state supplies. The calculator is reliable, produces fast results, and is especially useful for businesses dealing with multiple products and services taxed at different GST rates. This tool can also assist with determining your GST registration status, making it a holistic solution for businesses.

4. ProfitBooks GST Calculator: ProfitBooks offers an online GST calculator that not only helps in determining the GST amount but also reverse calculates GST, which can be pretty useful in invoice creation. Enter the GST inclusive amount and the GST rate, and it subtracts the GST to give you the original cost of the goods or services. In addition to this, ProfitBooks can aid with checking your ecommerce GST registration status, ensuring you are on top of your taxation requirements.

5. Zoho GST Calculator: Zoho’s online GST calculator provides a comprehensive solution for all your GST calculation needs. Enter the net cost and the GST rate, and it instantly computes the total cost and the GST amount. The tool is incredibly user-friendly and is part of Zoho’s broad suite of business tools, which includes features for checking your GST registration status.

6. Saral GST Calculator: Offering precise calculations, this online GST calculator makes the task easy and quick. It provides an interface where you input the cost and the GST rate, and it gives you the GST inclusive and exclusive prices. This tool is also helpful for any firm that needs to check its GST registration status online.

7. IndiaFilings GST Calculator: This online tool simplifies the calculation process by producing fast and accurate results. It requires details like the gross or net amount and the GST rate to compute the GST amount. IndiaFilings also offers services to help businesses check their GST registration status, ensuring they are always in compliance.

8. GST India News GST Calculator: The GST calculator by GST India News is a key resource for quick GST calculations. Inclusive of all tax rates under the GST regime, its user-friendly interface requires the net amount and the GST rate for calculating the total cost and the GST amount.

The above online GST calculators are excellent tools that can save businesses time and help in maintaining accurate financial records. In addition to these calculators, some platforms allow businesses to check their gst registration status, providing a comprehensive solution for GST compliance needs.

GST compliance is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Hence, using an online GST calculator along with keeping track of the GST registration status becomes part of the best financial practices. Improve your business operations today by incorporating these handy tools into your GST management regime. The experience is sure to be seamless, accurate, and time-saving.


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