Online Earning vs Physically Earning


The word earn is so much important to us in practical life. Because without earning we can’t survive more, we earn we gain, we not earn we’ll not survive.  In this modern era we have a lot of ways to earn money for surviving our lives and our dependents also. There are two major ways to earn money in the modern era. So we’ll divide earning in to branches. Online earning vs physically earning.

Online Earning vs Physically Earning

Physically Earning

As usual we divide physically earning in two parts as mentioned below,

1-Job               2-Bussiness


Usually in our student life we think about to complete our graduation and when it’s completed we think about our profession to earn for survive.  Basically we earn money in traditional ways as usual doing a job in any office. Doing physically activities and efforts to earn money, in this way we work hard and do more and more but not earn too much. So we will work hard we earn less and our body bear pain separately. We can’t increase our earning even we will take part time job and work hard. Jobs are secured than business in risk taking of loss. So we earn a secure income in a job.


When we start a business with a huge investment to earn a good income in return, Business not start with a small investment to earn a good profit, even there’s a risk of loss present every time. We are hiring people to manage our business and earn a handsome income. So it’s difficult to run a business to earn than a job.

Online Earning:

Online earning is a method to earn a handsome income as being own boss. There too many reasons to earn with online earn money as a job and business. It’s a job like business you are providing your services to other people to full fill their needs. There are thousand ways to earn online here are some highly recommended are mentioned below.

1- Graphics Designing 2- Creative Writing 3- SEO 4- Web Hosting 5- Social Media Management 6- Social Media Marketing / Digital Marketing

Graphic Designing:

Graphic designing is a method to earn money online. It’s a good skill to serve people in the online world to earn a handsome amount. We will earn money by providing design of a business card or a picture editing or any type of graphics that people need.

Creative Writing:

Creative writing is a handsome skill to earn online. We will write essays, articles or biography or anything that people need. We earn a handsome amount by using this skill in online world.


Search engine optimization is just not a skill it’s a technical skill to earn money online. In this modern era we are nothing without a search engine that provide us actual information about thing and words or niche we need that are indexed in this huge world. Being an SEO technician we earn a so much handsome amount to provide services to websites.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting a job in this digital world to earn a beautiful amount, Guest hosting or web hosting is a job like own business, in this kind of job we earn too much handsome amount than a traditional job.

Social Media Management:

Social media management is a handsome job in online jobs to earn more money than expectations. We will provide our services to a client as a manager of his social media accounts to earn money. A celebrity who has no time to check their social media account they hire a manager who looks after their social media accounts. They pay a handsome amount to the manger.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a tool to execute on Social Media or digital media to permute business or marketing of anything. We earn a huge amount in this field with a marketing skill executing it online trading or selling something on social media or on our website. Digital marketing is a good source to earn money in a handsome quantity.

Comparison Online Earning vs Physically Earning

In tradition job we are frightening of loss the job. Last year I saw people were fired from their jobs they have nothing to earn without that job. If they were earning from online world being own boss the result may be different.

We also saw that many more ways we have to earn in online world which one chose we earn a handsome amount in return. We just provide our services and earn money. No worry to lose my job because it’s like an own business to earn money without risks. Change your earning method to earn a beautiful amount in a reasonable time.


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Earn being as own boss is a different style of working to earn and learn. These kinds which I have mentioned above not only these are beneficial to you. There are thousand plus ways to earn online you will choose according to your own interest. Someone says that if your hobby is your way to earn you are lucky. So you can choose your own interest to earn money online. If anyone interested in arts there is a huge scope of arts.

If someone wants earn from video editing or creating video content it have a huge scope to earn.  It’s not a small world to earn money. If you have a skill, internet and computer you will earn till you want.

You will just polish your skills to earn money in online world. Online earning provides us a golden chance to earn and learn more to win more. So we will train ourselves and polish our skills to earn online by serving the people worldwide.


Here we have learned to earn in different ways. Traditional Job and business a way to earn but we also earn online in different ways to survive our families our dreams. In traditional jobs too much hard to earn for survive.For more datail click here.


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