How to prove yourself successfully in the On-Demand Service Industry

With the Gojek phenomenon has taken the world by storm ever since it made its huge presence felt in the multi-service on-demand industrial domain. Due to its huge success and fame, a lot of entrepreneurs are busily involved in getting a Gojek clone developed for themselves to replicate Gojek’s lucrative success.

We will discuss the various advantages associated with a Gojek clone and how it acts as an influential pioneer when it comes to the world of on-demand multi-service industry.

So, what exactly is Gojek?

Gojek is a South-East Asian multi-service platform that started its operational services in Indonesia a decade back. It began with courier delivery and two-wheeler ride-hailing services. It supplies its user base with a multitude of services that includes the likes of ride-hailing, food delivery, eCommerce, digital payments and much more.

The total valuation of the company as of last year, January summed up to $9.5 billion.

A Gojek clone is nothing but a replica of the original Gojek application. Entrepreneurs can optimize a Gojek clone script as based on their needs and preferences to provide a multitude of services in a single super application.

The services as offered by a Gojek clone are classified under three categories. They are Ride-Hailing, Delivery and Other Services.

There is no need for any introduction regarding what the first two types of services do. The last one encompasses on-demand services. It consists of babysitting, tutoring, handyman-oriented services, security guards, on-demand doctors & pharmacies, vets and much more. Speaking of the features, they vary as per every given service. But there are a few services which are relatively the same. They include the following namely Ratings & Reviews, Multiple robustly secure and integrated payment gateways, Calling/Messaging Feature, Scheduling bookings and Filters.

The advantages of using a Gojek clone

Economically priced and low-budget:

If you use a Gojek clone, it is indeed the best choice for you as an entrepreneur and other aspiring startups who want to establish themselves in the on-demand service market. It offers immense benefits in the form of being economically priced. It is because developing a food ordering/ delivery or taxi booking app may cost upwards of $50,000. But if you wield the power of a Gojek clone script and make the necessary modifications to appease your user base, you can create a multi-service app that offers more than 50 different services. A Gojek clone script is much cheaper than building an app from the ground up.


Making modifications to a Gojek clone script is less time consuming than developing a prototype. With the help of the clone script, you can get your app uploaded to the app stores quickly and spend the rest of the time in business optimization and other marketing ventures.  The Time-to-market or TTM is significantly reduced when you opt for a Gojek clone script.

What’s more? With the popularity of Gojek still seeing an upsurge, you can use the business model of this pioneer in on-demand multi-services and greatly enhance/optimize the success factor of your business to make it thrive well enough.

Useful Features:

You can likewise add some cool features to your Gojek clone including the likes of Corporate Rides, Real-Time Tracking, Call Masking, In-App Advertising, booking for other people, Newsletter based subscriptions and Child Seat preferences.


With the ever-evolving digital era of the present, there is an ever-increasing reliance on technology, and this has factored for the boom in the on-demand service industry.

As Gojek has achieved exceptional standing in terms of user engagement and popularity in the on-demand service industry, this is indeed the right time to develop and release your Gojek clone to the market.

So, if you want a Gojek clone developed for yourself, you can use the powerful and cost-effective Gojek clone script of Uberdoo to achieve your mission. Uberdoo can develop a white-labelled solution coming with lots of rich features. Our robust Gojek clone can offer more than 70 services, and they can be made to function seamlessly as well.

So, if you want to upscale your on-demand multi-service business with a robust Gojek clone solution reach us out immediately at

Author Bio:

Vinoth is the enthusiastic and ever dynamic co-founder of Uberdoo. Uberdoo is a Canadian based technological software company that develops robust end-to-end clone solutions at affordable prices. It is seen as a pioneer in the development of Gojek clones and other multi-service platforms suiting the requirements of its global clientele.

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