Gojek Clone: Fastest app for fastest results In On Demand Multi Service Business

Gojek Clone

Gojek Clone App offers Multiple On-Demand Services on One Single Platform. The App comes with a Phenomenal Assortment of 70 Plus On-Demand Services like Ride Hailing, Parcel Delivery, Car Wash, Masseuse and Beauticians On-Demand, Electricians, hiring a Personal Shopper to run errands for the App User, and many more. By integrating these Services on a One-Stop-Shop, the App Owner is paving their way to become a Billionaire in a flash of light.

Some Highly Requested On-Demand Services out of these 70 Plus Services include: 

  • Taxi Booking
  • Food Delivery 
  • Grocery Delivery 
  • Parcel Delivery 
  • Pharmacy Delivery 
  • Car Wash 
  • Doctors 
  • Beauty Services
  • Masseuse Services
  • Spa Services 

A handful of Unique Services that you can also offer on your very own App like Gojek can include Dog Walking, On-Demand Mechanic, Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services, or even a Tow Truck Service. 

Fastest Service/Order Delivery through the App

The Gojek like App offers lightning-speed delivery of Services which means the Customers will come back to the App every time they need to avail a Service. Here is how Customers get delivery of their Service within a few Clicks: 

  1. Register/Login with the App using Phone Number/email ID/Social Media ID.
  2. Select a Category from the Displayed List or Search for one in the Search Bar. 
  3. Make relevant selections like choosing your preferred Taxi Type, adding vegetables to your Order list, customizing your Shiatsu Massage, etc. 
  4. After making the selection, the App User can place the Order. 
  5. The Respective Service/Order gets dispatched and the User can track their Order using Real-Time Features through the App. 
  6. To Pay for the Service/Order the App Users can either make Online Payments using their credit card, In-App Wallets or choose to Pay in Cash. 
  7. And the Service/Order gets delivered to your Doorstep. 

The App supports the Fast Delivery of Service/Order through several Stunning, Futuristic, and Robust Features. 

  • Easy Registration and Login Process: The Customers can Register or Log In to the App using their Phone Numbers/Social Media ID/email ID.
  • Multiple Language/Currency/Payment Options: The App has features to add multiple preferred Languages, Currencies, and Payment options to make the process to avail a Service effortless. 
  • In-App Chat Feature: In case the Users face any kind of trouble with their Service or Order Dispatch, they can quickly get Customer Support. They can live-chat with the Driver,Delivery Executive, or Service Provider during their Order Request. 
  • Option to Filter the Store: To find the exact Service/Order that the App User needs, they can use In-App Filter Attributes like sorting Offers, Prices, Location, Ratings, and more.  
  • Voice Notes Recording to Instruct Delivery Drivers: This feature makes it easy for the User and the Delivery Driver to Receive and Deliver the Order Package. The App User can Record and Upload Voice Instructions explaining the Location Route, where to place the Package, etc. This Feature has also fostered Contactless Delivery. 

Gojek Clone Services and Features together do wonders. But, when we are talking about the Fastest Delivery of Results in an On-Demand Multi-Service Business, then the Pre-Built App’s advantages change the game. 

Generate Fastest Success Results  

  1. Lower Business Investment: With a Pre-Built App that has already proved itself in the Market; you don’t have to worry about spending money on Market Research, Analysis, App Development, Marketing of the App, etc. in short, it is a One-time-Investment. 
  1. Get App Delivery within 5 – 7 Business Days: What would be the use of developing an App if Users cannot get to use it when they need it the most? Buying a Pre-Built App that is BUG-FREE, already Market-Tested, Loaded with the most Advanced Features, can make your Business a ‘GLOBAL BRAND.’ This can only happen when you are buying it from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm.  
  1. Highly Customizable: The Lower Cost of Investment doesn’t mean you have to eat what’s served on your plate. With a Gojek like App, you get to choose from a wide range of Theme Colors, Styles, Graphical Illustrations, Services, and Feature Add-Ons. The high customizability of the App helps you make your BRAND unique. 


Do you wish to earn fast and quick cash? Do you wish to become an Entrepreneur this Christmas? All your wishes can come true by Placing a Gojek Clone App Order with an Ethical White-Labeling Firm that is: 

  • Licensed
  • Holds a Market Experience of 7 to 8 years 
  • Let’s you try their FREE DEMO APP until you feel like you have found the perfect App as you wanted. 

Connect with a Firm withholding Loyalty of hundreds and thousands of Clients, Worldwide. 


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