2022 Nissan Ariya Comes with Certain Changes and Other Details

The 2022 Nissan Ariya is the second-generation segment of the model. There are certain changes made to this car to make driving experience of an individual better. Though it hasn’t hit the market yet, it can be expected to launch by the last quarter of this year. IF you have any queries about this vehicle, then you can reach out to dealers in Santa Maria Nissan dealership. To know about changes, check below. 

Changes in 2022 Nissan Ariya 

The primary change which people can notice is the technology involved in this electric vehicle. It will feature ProPilot 2.0 version, which is a semi-autonomous system for driving. Also, the upgrades in the electric motor will now help in delivering a driving range of 300 miles. However, for this, an individual will need to equip the car with an 87 kWh larger battery pack along with an optional dual-motor front and rear driving configuration. 


Nissan has ensured to equip features that are available in other vehicles of theirs such as torque splitting system of GTR, which lead to AWD drivetrain and more. The expected acceleration provides 0-60mph in less than 5 seconds, something which is available in only costlier EVs. Though the base model is slower than this, it still offers thrilling acceleration like any other electric car in this category. 

As is already mentioned that it offers 300 miles after a full charge, which is more than what most other EVs offer and at par with a few electric cars that offer high mileage. Also, people can charge this vehicle using a 110 or 240-volt outlet at one’s house or public charging station along with an option for charging with fast DC ports. 


Ariya comes with an interior that might look minimalistic but futuristic. It offers a smooth dashboard and for that Nissan has removed almost every button. This also matches the exterior’s sleek design. In addition, Nissan claims the interior to be different than what an automobile’s traditional interior looks like. 

From having a zero-gravity design for seats along with a low and flat floor, the cabin looks spacious and ultra-comfortable for a driver as well as passengers. It also has 12.3-inch dual displays, which serve as gauge cluster and infotainment usage. In-built navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android, Auto are some of the tech features that make this car offer everything you need. You can get your hands on this vehicle by contacting Nissan dealer Santa Maria


Nissan hasn’t released the official pricing of the 2022 Ariya. However, the two trims are priced over $60k; the 63-kWh battery model is expected to be priced at $40,000 and 87-kWh battery version is expected to cost $45,000 approximately. If you want more details, then simply visit a dealership as soon as you can.

This is a great EV, which you can get after booking by visiting a dealership near you. If you want an EV then this should be your vehicle. Also, try to opt for the higher-end trim so that you get better mileage and the real experience of driving an electric car. 

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