New Tech and Gadgets For 2022


Is Apple’s new MacBook Pro a re-invention of the wheel? No. Is it packed with revolutionary?new features and a revolutionary design…? No, it does not. Apple’s new MacBook Pro?boosts?specs?while?improving?on?an?already?popular?design.

It retains the touch bar (a divisive feature), offers more RAM allocation, charging is faster, and the Pro now includes Spatial Audio.

The main difference here is the processor, which now uses Apple’s M2 processor chip. As a result, the 2022 MacBook Pro is an extremely powerful computer. Finally, we have an Apple laptop that can handle gaming as well as professional editing and creative software.

2. DJI Mini 3 Pro

Every year, DJI’s Mini series becomes smaller and more powerful, cramming high-end specs into lightweight drones that fit in your bag.

However, all of these advancements come at an exorbitant cost, as well as an increasing fear for your financial well-being if you crash it. It has advanced obstacle avoidance features, a rotating lens for filming portraits or landscapes, 4K video, innovative flying features such as automatic tracking, and the ability to track a subject.

Despite its higher price, this is the ideal drone for beginners, those who like to travel, or anyone looking for a lightweight, high-tech drone.

3. Marshall Acton III speaker

While Marshall is best known for its towering amps on stage, the company has also?developed?a?line?of?Bluetooth?speakers?over?the?years.?It?has?now?released?the?third?edition?of?the?Acton,?Stanmore,?and?Woburn?speakers.

Marshall Acton is the most affordable of the three new speakers. The Acton, like the Stanmore and Woburn, is built with 70% recycled plastic and vegan materials.

This?speaker?optimizes?the?equalization?(EQ)?based?on?its?surroundings?by?using?Placement?Compensation technology. This means it will adapt to and correct for nearby reflective?surfaces?that?may?have?an?impact?on?sound?quality.

4. VAHA’s Fitness Mirror

You could certainly go to the gym… or the gym could come to you. That’s the concept behind the Vaha S Fitness Mirror, which provides a full-size mirror with over 850 workout classes and a real-time connection to personal trainers.

The mirror features a 32-inch Full HD touchscreen, 30W speakers, and a brushed metal finish.

While this is undeniably one of the more impressive home workout options, it is also quite expensive. The mirror alone will set you back ?1195, with a monthly fee of ?39 to attend classes.

5. Therabody Wave Roller

Therabody Wave Roller takes the traditional foam roller model and adds a lot of technology to it. This roller works out all of your aches and pains by using vibration therapy and a wave-style texture.

It comes with an app that guides you through a rolling routine, as well as five customizable vibration frequencies that can be used anywhere on the body that needs to be worked out.

6. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ

Since the release of Apple’s AirPods, the popularity of wireless earbuds with stems has skyrocketed, and now B&O has joined the fray. These are in the company’s classic style and feel premium. They are made of glass and aluminum and have an IP57 water resistance rating (dust, water, and sand resistant).

Each earbud features a 9.2mm driver, a microphone, and high-quality ANC. They also have an impressive 28-hour battery life. While they appear to perform well in all key areas, the

?359 price tag is a detriment.

7. Gocycle G4 electric bike

There are many electric bikes on the market now, but if you live in a city and are constantly hopping on trains, buses, and up and down stairs, the ability to fold the bike down may be necessary. That is the key feature of the new Gocycle G4, which is a premium electric bike that folds up easily.

Inside, you’ll find a powerful motor and an app that allows you to start the bike remotely, see how fast you’re going, how much battery life you have left, and more. With traction control features, this bike performs admirably on roads, grass, and other unusual terrains. There are even different modes that provide more power where it is required.

8. Samsung M8 Smart monitor

Squint and Samsung’s new M8 monitor resembles Apple’s recent colorful iMacs… what a coincidence. However, with a low price tag and an abundance of connection options, the Samsung M8 could be the ideal monitor for many people.

It functions as both a TV and a monitor, with smart TV features such as Netflix, YouTube, and most streaming platforms, as well as connection options for most laptops, AirPlay for Apple products, and even DEX, which allows you to use your Samsung smartphone as a computer. Isn’t it enough? It also includes built-in speakers, a 4K display, and a webcam.

9. Insta360 One

Action cameras must be adaptable, and capable of capturing every terrifying cliff jump, perilous dirt bike trail, or gnarly wave while surfing… This is where the new Insta360 One RS comes into play. This is one of the more unusual action cameras on the market. It has a modular design that allows you to easily switch between a detachable 360-degree lens, a wide-angle lens, and a 4K action camera. You can also detach the battery, allowing you to carry spares that you can quickly snap into place between stunts.

10. Generation Zer?grand II

The sustainable shoe market is exploding right now, with major corporations attempting to create a shoe with the smallest carbon footprint. The recent Generation Zergrand II is one of the more unique attempts at this.

Cole Haan’s shoes are made almost entirely of recycled materials. The upper design is made of vegan microfiber with 21% recycled content and a felt fabric with 85% recycled plastic bottles. The laces are made entirely of recycled materials, and the soles contain at least 25% natural dandelion rubber!

11. Sony Linkbuds

Sony has always been at the forefront of headphone technology, and its latest pair is rather unique. There is a hole in these headphones (by design – don’t worry, no parts are missing). This means you can be more aware of your surroundings and people vying for your attention while listening to music. Other clever features include touch control by tapping the skin near your ear and volume that adjusts to your surroundings.

12. Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 feels like an odd addition to a gadgets list, but it fits in perfectly. This is due to the incredible graphics on offer, particularly when played on the PS5. It will be difficult to convince yourself that you are not actually there as you whizz around race tracks in

beefed-up supercars.

Other notable features include incredibly fast load times, clever use of haptic feedback, and a realistic driving feel as you hit the tracks.

13. Urbanista Los Angeles headphones

Charging devices is one of those daily annoyances that we could all do without, and while battery life has improved, it is still an issue. This is a problem that Urbanista hopes to solve with the Los Angeles headphones.

As long as there is light, these solar-cell-lined headphones will continue to recharge themselves throughout the day. This works both inside and outside in the big wide world, theoretically eliminating the need for charging.

The Los Angeles headphones include active noise canceling, ambient sound mode, and voice assistant features in addition to the unique charging feature.

14. AllBirds Tree Dasher 2

The AllBirds Tree Dasher 2 is a pair of shoes that will appeal to eco-conscious runners. This shoe has a low carbon footprint because it is made from eucalyptus tree fibre knit and has shoelaces made from recycled plastic bottles.

Despite this, these shoes provide a comfortable performance and a lightweight design, making them ideal for both long-distance runners and sprinters.

15. LEGO App-controlled Transformation Vehicle

When it comes to LEGO, there are numerous options. This new LEGO Technic set, on the?other hand, has a unique feature that helps it stand out: the ability to control it via an app.?You?can?drive?the?vehicle?around?with?the?app,?and?when?you?flip?it?over?(or?hit?a?wall),?it?will?reveal a completely different car below. You can even drive the LEGO car over uneven?terrain?because?it?has?suspension.