A New Sanitization Focus Because of COVID-19

Sanitization Focus

Ensuring your business is a clean and safe environment from bacteria has become a challenge because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The result has been a focus and surge in sanitization and disinfectant products to keep surfaces clean and people safe while slowing the spread of the virus. In addition to providing a powerful disinfectant, these products must be safe for humans with regards to skin contact, eyes, wounds, and accidental intake. One such product that provides protection from pathogens but is safe for humans Sterilox.

Benefits of Sterilox

Sterilox was developed as an innovative technology for the elimination of odor, bacteria, virus, and other pathogen-cause conditions. In addition to killing common entities, there are other benefits to using this product including:


Sterilox is a water-based formula that combines specially-treated oxidants which results in an almost odorless and colorless natural and organic solution, almost as organic as water!

Prevents Regrowth

Another important benefit is Sterilox eliminates mold in only 1-2 applications of the formula and prevents re-growth on all applied surfaces. It also effectively removes slimy biofilm from components that are submerged in water.


As mentioned, Sterilox is safe for human consumption since it is a natural formulation. That means, there is no concern with the transfer of the formula from food areas or floors to cooked food, which makes it the ideal solution for restaurant disinfecting. The formula is 100% safe, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and non-staining due to the natural ingredients.

Most Common Uses

Sterilox is an excellent option for disinfecting, sanitizing, and deodorizing all types of business or industrial surfaces including restrooms, restaurant kitchens, tables, chairs, workstations, electronic equipment, desks, and other high-touch areas. Since mold is a common issue in bathrooms due to the constant use of water, Sterilox is an excellent solution. It is also effective for cleaning and sanitizing office equipment that is susceptible to bacteria collection. Furthermore, Sterilox can be used for washing fruits and vegetables and to safely clean cutting boards and HVAC ducts. If you have lingering garbage can odors, Sterilox can eliminate unpleasant scents.

What to Look for in a Disinfectant

When cleaning and disinfecting your business, you want to go to the experts who provide an effective but safe formula, but it can be difficult to determine which is best for your needs with so many options in the market. Use the following considerations when determining the best product for your home:

Broad Spectrum Efficacy

One of the most important points to understand is if the disinfectant can kill a spectrum of pathogens including bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses.

Contact Time

To utilize an effective disinfectant, they must be wet on the surface for the entire contact period. That means you must look for products with a short contact time since long contact times can evaporate for disinfection is acquired.


Many disinfectants cause respiratory irritation, skin irritation, and can pose health and safety concerns for you, your employees, and customers. Finding a product that is safe for human contact, equipment, and multiple surfaces, is a must.


In all honesty, if it is not a simple product to use then it doesn?t matter if it is the most effective option on the market. One such example of a difficult disinfecting solution is chlorine dioxide which requires multi-part mixing, and activation and deactivation steps. Instead, find a solution where you can simply wipe onto a surface and walk away.

COVID-19 has cause business owners across the world to reconsider how you are disinfecting your highly touched and traffic surfaces. You want to find a powerful disinfectant to kill pathogens but a solution that is safe for your staff and customers, like Sterilox.

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