Everything You Need to Know About EDDM Service

Every Door Direct Mail is a postal service offered by the US Postal Service. It helps in promoting business in your locality. If you have a small business, you can market your business using EDDM. 

Full service EDDM can reach their target customers easily by using the career routes in a certain area for delivering the ad material. The advertising technique lets small-scale businesses market themselves without going overboard with their budget.?

In this article, you will get to know everything about EDDM service.

How Does EDDM Work?

With EDDM, small-scale businesses can focus on producing marketing content as the postal service take care of distribution and delivery of it. Full service EDDM can get rid of the cost, time, and effort businesses have to put in to get a list of the prospective customers and their respective addresses. Rather, EDDM will allow small-scale businesses to use the saved money and time to enhance their marketing and sales campaign. The competitive prices of the USPS for EDDM can give small businesses a good return on their investment.?

If you use the delivery route information that is being provided by the US Postal Service. You can target and reach out to potential customers in a certain route that is key to their business. To distribute the EDDM, businesses will not have to print address-specific materials to market their business or the product or service they offer. 

What are the Primary Features of Every Door Direct Mail?

Here are the top features of Every Door Direct Mail printing. Let?s take a quick look at them-

1. Value for Money:

EDDM is available at a competitive price. With EDDM, you can have a marketing strategy that will let businesses include an event calendar, menu, coupons, store maps, and various other promotional materials for attracting customers to their business.?

2. Customer Targeting:

Through EDDM, you, as a business, can target customers in your locality with a robust marketing campaign. With this, you can increase the delivery rate of marketing since your mails are delivered to the prospects directly.

3. Flexibility:

EDDM printing will give you the choice of bundling to cater to the requirements of different sizes and types of businesses. EDDM is also best when it comes to marketing content.?

What are the Benefits of EDDM?

There are various advantages of EDDM. Let?s take a quick look at them-

1. No Mailing List Required

Often, you have to buy a mailing list to start reaching out to your potential customers closer to your business. However, with EDDM, the mail carrier will carry your message to every house along the route without you requiring any address. Thus, you can save money and time as you focus on your marketing efforts. 

2. Affordable

You can save money on print costs, postage, and unnecessary mailing list when you go for EDDM. If you stay local, you can easily reduce the cost without sending the mail great distances. 

3. Enough Space for the Message

You have creative liberty when you design the EDDM. It just requires you to leave out s small space for the endorsement and address space, which includes the location information. It is up to you to decide what you are going to rest of the space. You can decide to include coupons, images, sale announcements, and a lot more. 

4. Several Formatting Options

EDDM isn?t just another flyer or business card for your business. You have the option to choose from different formats to grab the attention of your customers. Larger postcards are known to attract more audiences. You can get creative with what you include in the EDDM. You can include coupons, share stories, announce upcoming sales, etc. 

5. Works for Different Businesses

EDDM isn?t just advantageous for local businesses, such as department stores or restaurant sale flyers. The format works excellently for all local retailers, such as print shops, dry cleaners, etc. No matter the type of business, you can use EDDM to promote it.

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