Top 10 Fish Tank Supplies That Are Necessary to Keep Your Aquarium Running

fish tank supplies

Fish are a really perfect pet for families, who have children. This is because they are easy to keep and children can form a connection with both science and nature. 

However, if you are getting an aquarium for home, you need to get the right supplies, to make it safe for the inhabitants.

There are 10 tank supplies, which you need to keep the aquarium in a good shape, up and running.

  1. Filters 

This is really important for an aquarium, as you need it to keep the water clean. If there is no proper filtration system, then you won?t be able to give the fish a healthy environment. There are so many styles available in a filtration system, but the power filter that has a bio-wheel system is perfect for an aquarium.

When you are buying a filtration system, get one that flows water in the tank, at least 4 times every hour. If your aquarium is big, then you should get a canister filter.

2. Aquarium Lights

You might get a light with your aquarium, and you can buy it separately. There are different light options from which you can choose, like LED bulbs, metal halide, incandescent and mercury vapour.

More and more aquarium owners are buying Aquarium LED lights because they are easily available and consume less electricity. They don?t heat the water either, and if you are not getting them with the aquarium, do buy them separately.

3. Heater 

There are fish which require a temperature of 74 to 83 degrees. Unless the home temperature remains between the temperature ranges, you need to get a heater. There is heater specifically made for aquariums, and they hang on the tank. They have a numerical setting, using which you can set whatever temperature is ideal for the fish. If the tank is small, then you will need 3 watts per gallon.

However, the temperature of the room does impact the watts that you need per gallon.

4. Thermometer 

If you want to keep a check on the temperature of your aquarium, then buy a thermometer. This can come in handy, if the fish you are keeping are delicate in nature. Moreover, they are very cheap, so getting them would only make the fish last longer in the aquarium.

5. Live Rock 

Live rock can be described as the bits taken from coral reefs, which contain living organisms in them. They are perfect for biological filtration of the aquarium. They are beautiful and come in various sizes. If you want to properly decorate your aquarium, so it would appear appealing to your guests, then buy live rocks.

6. Plants & Gravel 

Plants will make an aquarium look beautiful, and they are functional as well. They create a happy and relaxing environment for the fish and come in different colours and sizes. There are some fish which face anxiety when they enter in a new environment, and in this situation, plants will come in handy.

Gravel is for the bottom of the tank, and it is available in bags for customers. They come in different sizes and colors, but every species needs their own, specific gravel. This is why, before buying gravel, you need to know what kind to buy. If you are putting plants in the aquarium, then it is best to ignore buying gravel and just get plant substrate.

7. Bucket & Net

This is essential for your aquarium, no matter if it is in your house or office. You need a bucket and net, because you have to clean the tank at some point. The net will be used for carefully taking out the fish, and putting them in a temporary water source. If you are taking a bucket, then the size will depend on the number of fish you have.

Make sure to fill the bucket with some water from the tank, because it makes it easier for the fish to transition from one place to another. Moreover, environmental change will be brief, and they won?t experience any sort of stress.

8. Cabinet 

If you want to keep track of your aquarium supplies, then you need an aquarium cabinet. It doesn?t have to be an expensive cabinet and can be attached to the aquarium. You can put external filters, power cords, and tubing in the cabinet, and that won?t impact the beauty of the aquarium. A cabinet is usually made to match the length of the tank size.

9. Aquarium Cover 

Most aquarium owners ignore this aspect when they buy an aquarium. When you buy an aquarium cover, then it secures from the top. This will not only protect the aquarium from dust particles but will prevent any object falling inside it. If you have freshwater snails in your aquarium, then you should get a cover, otherwise, they will escape.

However, when you get a cover, then make sure that the inhabitant?s get sufficient lighting. The best thing to do here is to get a clear glass cover so that the lighting won?t be a problem.

10. Gravel Vacuum 

An aquarium needs a gravel vacuum because it keeps the building of organic matter in check. Using a gravel vacuum, you can clean the uneaten food from the tank, dead plant matter and debris. Even though there are fish which eat debris, there are still feces at the top of the tank, which need to be vacuumed. If you don’t remove organic matter form the aquarium, then this will cause the nitrate levels to grow.

The best type of gravel vacuum is a siphon cleaner, which comes with an aperture plastic cylinder. This can be dipped into the gravel, as it is attached to a long and narrow tube.


These supplies are essential for an aquarium if you want to keep it running for a long time. If you follow the necessary instructions of keeping an aquarium, then you will be able to give a healthy environment to the fish. 

When fish have a good habitat to live in, then they live for a long time. You can decorate your aquarium any way you want to, but make sure you have the essentials first.

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