Necessary Elements of Interior Design You Should Know

Interior design involves much more than deciding what pillows and curtains ties the room, although these selections remain important.

It has to do with how we react to the space around us. And it is the work of an interior designer to shape those feelings or sensations in a right direction that makes someone want to spend long time in any room.

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To do this, interior designers use certain artistic methodologies that “trick our minds or, at least, remodel how we perceive the interior spaces. It is much more than a game of the mind than people realize.

Elements of interior design that you should know, are –

  1. Complete Area
  2. Shape
  3. Standard
  4. Lines
  5. Colour
  6. Light
  7. Texture

Let us discuss these elements in detail:

Complete Area

If you have seen a kind of reflection at home in the last decade, you have heard of an “open concept” floor plan. This style of home is obsessed with space, specifically the balance of depressing and optimistic space.

In an open area concept style house, the walls are removed, making your brain feel as if space is bigger than it would be if there were walls. This is just an example of how interior design works for our mind.


Any collection of lines that produces a form is called a shape. Lines, whether it is horizontal, vertical, or dynamic, give birth to the forms. These shapes can be angular or curved. They may also be open or closed. When interior designer has a firm and they understand it, you can combine forms to achieve any sense you need in your home, whether it is continental, modern, friendly, fresh or anything.


A model is a collection of shapes and lines, which is part of the family line elements with the form. Like forms, model highlight a certain part of your interior, whether it is the ceiling, stairs, or the wall. You can achieve this effect with a bold wallpaper or a strong color on a wall.

You can use them anywhere, wooden grain, image frames, curtains, pillows and more. The incorporation of models into your home has an endless option.


If you want a more simple, secure, comfortable, and stable feeling, use horizontal lines. Vertical lines, on the other hand, make spaces that feel superior.

Vertical lines

The line is perpendicular to the horizontal line, vertical pulls your eyes up. For example, if your house offers amazing tin ceiling tiles, a good interior designer will combine vertical lines that reflexively lift your eyes to highlight those features. However, if the vertical line is too often used, it can cause people to feel restricted.

Horizontal lines

For a more peaceful feeling to a room, use a horizontal line. They connect the space and make it feel wider and more expansive. However, if you have too many elements of this design, your room can quickly become boring, it does not have a visual appeal equipped with vertical and dynamic lines.

Dynamic lines

We can see these lines in action in our special home gallery. When houses switch from traditional to transition to finally modern and contemporary, you can really see the lines become cleaner and less detailed, less curved and more angles.

Angle Zigzag and curved lines fall into this option, because each gives a different movement or effect on the feeling of a room. Corner and Zigzag lines provide energy and live into a room, while fine and curved lines increase warmth, refinement, and sense of balance.


We will not explain the color wheel here, but it is important to make different color inspire different feelings. For example, green showcases coolness and peace, while red is intense and is hungry, and purple signifies royalty. Thus, it is important to be aware of the color you want to use in all room of your home.


The light can define the atmosphere of any room, like different types of light connecting different moods. Natural light can include warmth and pleasure, while artificial lighting makes a cold room and gives a constant feeling.

Natural light sources can show your beautiful color of paint or showcase a certain piece of furniture that you love to furnish. With a fully personalized house, the interior designer can perfectly position doors and windows to allow the right amount of natural light.

If you are planning to do interior design under any of your metal buildings or metal homes, then you can ask of the expert to make necessary huge widows for day light, and also make it useful for you for all seasons.


The visual texture is how something seems to feel in your eyes. For example, the stone wallpaper is not the same as the actual stone, but it gives the illusion of stone, more rustic and more traditional than that modern.

That is how a material really feels. For example, silk gives smooth feeling, while linen can be crisp. The leather is also smooth but seems completely different from silk.

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