Explore Mythological Stories of Ramayana In Ayodhya!

Found on the ledges of the Sarayu River, Ayodhya is highly admired for its ancient and mythological epics about Ramayana and Vishnu, magnificent temples, and much more. Our blessed Ayodhya tour packages will take you on a ride of the divine world where you can feel a complete epic of idol Ram deeply and peace your soul with inspiring historical stories.

According to the Hindu community, it is one of the most pious places to visit in India as it isknown to be the birthplace of the God-king Ram and the setting of the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana. It is said that Ayodhya was founded by the Hindu deity Manu. And, the city is considered to be 9000 years old.

Have A Look on The Major Attractions to Visit InAyodhya

Being a most sacred place, Ayodhya has many places where tourists can visit and feel blessed at this place. Let’s talk about the top attractions of the city.

1.Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi

Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi is one of the most popular attractions of Ayodhya as it is believed that the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, Rama, was born at this Bhoomi. This is the reason the name given to this site is Ram Janmabhoomi. According to the Ramayana, the place of Rama’s birthplace is on the shores of the Sarayu river in a city called “Ayodhya”.

2.The Hanuman Garhi

You will witness an artistic statue of Lord Hanuman sitting in the lap of his mother, Anjani at Hanuman Garhi temple. It is also a popular site of Ayodhya as numerous devotees come from different regions every year. According to the Ramayan, Lord Hanuman preserved Ramkot while staying here in a cave. While visiting this place, you have to climb 76 steps to reach the 10th-century temple. You will see a four-sided fort that is covered the great temple complex and each of its corners is embellished with round bastions. For the blessings of God, first, you have to pay a visit to Hanuman Garhi while visiting the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, according to the custom.

3.Kanak Bhavan Temple

It is considered that this Bhawan is a private palace of Devi Sita and Lord Rama which was gifted to Devi Sita shortly after her marriage to Lord Ram by Kaikei. One of the famous temples in Ayodhya, Kanak Bhawan is a must-visited place where many devotees come throughout the year.

4.Sita Ki Rasoi

Sita kiRasoi is placed on the north-western side of the Ram Janamasthan, near Ram Chabootra-terrace, in Ramkot in Ayodhya. It houses the gods of all the princes of the imperial household – Ram, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughan with their wives Sita, Urmila, Mandvi, and Shrutikriti. It is a temple instead of a royal kitchen. According to history, newly arrived daughters-in-law had to cook food for the whole family. If you visit Ayodhya then must visit this place.

5.Sri Maniram das Chavani

One of the most famous and old temples in Ayodhya, Sri Mani Ram Das Chhawni is also known as ChhotiChhawni which has two palaces facing each other. You will see the new grand building in white marble in front of this temple. Its central hall is around 30 feet high. This structure is called Walmiki Bhawan that named following Maharshi Walmiki who is the author of the epic Ramayana. The complete Walmiki Ramayana is written on the walls of its two floors. Gods of Lav and Kush, two sons of Lord Ram, with their Guru Walmiki are placed at one end of the central hall. 

Moreover, a Ram Nam bank is also operated where devotees borrow a certain amount of Name and pay it following writing on the books contributed from the bank which is collected here. You can find a Sanskrit library here which possesses many rare ancient Sanskrit books. Numerous students and researchers are highly benefited from this gem.

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