Four Must-Have Boat Accessories Every Sailor Should Carry On Boat Trips

Summers are a great time for boaters to take their boats to the waters and indulge in fun activities with friends and family. Some of us start planning those fun getaways even before the arrival of summer. But just like you would not take a kitchen knife to your trekking trip, there are a few particular and essential accessories which not only make your time out in the water safe but also lets you enjoy it more. 

So here’s a checklist of must-have boat accessories for sale you should carry to your next boating trip. 

First aid kit

Nothing kills a vibe faster than an unexpected injury or an incident. In an emergency, you should always have the necessary equipment in your reach. A first aid kit is among the core necessities which must accompany you on your every boating trip. Every boat must be equipped with basic supplies such as antihistamines, antiseptics, tapes, band-aids, cotton, and medication packets. Always carry the stuff in zip lock types with clear markings so that they can be used easily in event of an emergency. Additionally, you can also add extra stuff such as seasick or motion pills, burn care items, tweezers and more to always stay prepared for all kinds of situations

Life Jackets or Personal Flotation Devices 

Many boating enthusiasts already have a strict on-boat rule in place, mandating the use of life jackets for everyone on board. This way they can ensure that everyone on the boat is safe and is not exposed to any potential danger. However, it is essential to have extras for a guest onboard or in case of an emergency. Personal floating devices come in handy in overboard emergencies or unfortunate accidents. You should keep one in your boat at all times at an accessible location. 

Fenders and docking equipment

Next up on the list is some fenders which you’d like to have if you want to pull up alongside a dock or tie another boat. Having at least two fenders provides you with a buffer zone which helps in protecting your boat as well as whatever you’re tying up to. Your usage of your boat will determine whether you will need a speciality fender or just the basic one will suffice. While a basic fender is used by skippers to port and starboard, a speciality one can be shaped to safeguard a pontoon boat, a swim platform, a boat’s corner and more. Moreover, an anchor and line will also prove to be beneficial. 

Distress signalling equipment

The next crucial thing is to get marine signalling devices which will help you send signs for help in case of an emergency. It is also part of the emergency marine equipment needed on board to maintain the prescribed safety regulation. A typical kit will consist of handheld flares, blow horns, gun flares, a whistle and more. Moreover, you are also required to carry equipment not older than 42 months and should be available easily. 

Summing up

The warm weather calls for some fun activities in the water and beat the heat in style. However, safety always comes first that’s why you should always ensure that all the necessary safety equipment and boating accessories are readily available in your boat. Thinking of the best place to buy boat paddles for sale? Check out the complete range of boat accessories for sale from fish finders to rod mounts by Tilly Mavis and enjoy your time on the waters to the fullest.

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