5 To-Dos to Make a Must-Click Landing Page

If you want to see success with your online business, generating ways to turn a visitor into a customer is important. Which is why, it’s more important than ever to have a killer landing page.

But how do you make sure that your landing page is engaging enough to capture user attention? Here are four tips to help you create a must-click landing page.

1. Use good images of products on a landing page to evoke action

Now is the era of minimalism. This is because, user attention has reduced to just a matter of 8 seconds (less than that of a goldfish). 

To convey what you want to say within those few seconds determines the success of your landing pages

For instance, Cube InfoTech, a Toronto web design company uses prompt images on its landing pages. This evokes the right emotions associated with the product and leads to action from users. 

2. Make use of technology to give a more real experience

Earlier people were scared of ordering things online. This was due to the concern that the one shown in the picture and that in reality may be very different. But today, technology has made it possible for a user to know how a product will appear.

Use augmented reality (AR) to handle pain points and thus get them to take action.

Say you sell lipsticks. On one such landing page, you offer AR to try out the shades on a person?s live image. Thus, you are addressing the user?s pain point (buying online lipsticks go wrong because shades appear to come out differently on each person). Which in return will give you innumerable sales as you offered a better solution to a user?s pain point.

3. Don?t let your landing page?s design ruin the purpose of the landing page

Landing pages are there to make people take an intended action. The same has to come out in the design of the landing page. But that does not mean that one will make the landing page so full of creativity that people just forget what they are there for. On the contrary, a landing page design has to be simple and easy. This will make sure that the user concentrates on action rather than appreciating the look of the landing page design.

4. Make sure that CTA stands out in the crowd

Your landing pages will have links and call to action (CTA) buttons. Make your CTA button stand out on the landing page. Use contrasting colors or fonts to attract the attention of the users. 

5. Don?t surprise users with a broken link or an error page message. 

In other words, make sure your buttons and links do what they are there for. If you miss the chance, getting back the customer?s trust will be again a long affair.


With each day, getting more leads on your website is getting tougher. In such tough times, making the best use of action-generating landing pages is crucial. So, before you create and share a CTA landing page on social media, ensure that it does what it?s meant to. Lastly, make sure you apply all the above points. After all, this is how Austin web design companies draw the user’s attention towards the intended action.

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