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Startups are proliferating. Their varied innovative ideas and solutions are exponentially growing economically across the world. Unfortunately, not all startups get the success they need because of lack of ideation, improper resources, unclear business models, and many other things. But, as a smart entrepreneur yourself, you know the right place to invest and gain some handsome Profits. You will be a part of a positive success story by launching On-Demand multi service app like gojek. According to statistics, only 40% of startups earn sky-scraping profits. And so you must expand yours by offering 70+ services in just a single App. 

Why Does Your Startup Need To Offer Multiple Service? 

  1. Customers love Apps that offer multiple services in a single App. 
  2. The App Owner will incur less cost while building and launching the App. 
  3. Users, Service Providers, and the App Owner will feel comfortable and convenient to operate only one App for everything. 

Examples of Trailblazing Services of App Like Gojek You can Incorporate 

1. Car/Moto Rentals

You can rent out a Car or Moto Ride with Gojek Clone for a stipulated duration or a particular duration of time like for a few hours or a few weeks. You can self-drive the vehicle and explore the different places like Historic Monuments, Museums, Malls, etc. By Booking a Rental with this App you get a completely sanitized Moto/Car Ride at your doorstep. 

So, if you are planning to visit Cameron Highlands near Singapore and explore the most exquisite resorts in Tanah Rata, then simply book a Car Rental and enjoy a car trip with your partner and see some scenic spaces. 

2. Service To Book For A Car Wash

With this App, you can also provide Car Wash Service to people in your locality. Extend detailed services to attract a large group of people who love getting their car washed every weekend. Some high-raising and In-Demand Car Wash Services that you can offer are:

  • Classic Washing 
  • Detailed External Car Washing 
  • Coating and Protection 
  • Detailed Internal Cleaning

People will choose from these services and book them via your App. Also, they will recommend these Online Booking Features of your App to their family members and friends. In simple words, word-of-mouth will do all the ?promotional? jobs for your All-In-One Services startup.

3. Sanitization/Disinfecting Services For Your Home 

The Adam Family is planning to visit their holiday home in Minnesota. Because of a year-long lockdown, it?s been months since they have visited the place. So, Mrs. Adam books for Sanitization and Disinfecting Services through the newly launched Gojek Clone App. And because of this service, the family only needs to pack their bags and fly to Minnesota to enjoy their holidays without worrying about all the collected dust, the airborne virus inside the home, or any infected furniture. 

4. Beautician Services For the  Wedding 

With this App, you can register the best Beautician Service Providers in your city. Under this service, Brides and bridesmaids now don?t have to worry about finding their make-up artists at the very last moment. 

Well, weddings are full of chaos, and tones of chores needed to be looked out for. It is understandable that Brides like Elsa, who did all the wedding arrangements last minute found this service useful. Using this feature, Elsa would get a glimpse of the Profile and Booking Summary of the Service Provider she has chosen. At the same time, she can choose the mode of payment and the location where the service needs to be delivered. 

So, she simply booked a Beautician Service at the City Hall and got ready for her wedding on time and without any stress. 

5. Choose your Delivery Genie 

You can choose your Delivery Genie – a Professional Delivery Expert or a dependable Personal Shopper who will buy anything and everything from the nearby Stores and Deliver them to you. These Genies work as per the Customer?s Instructions and Orders. They Pay for the Product/Service at the time of purchase and only after they deliver the desired item to you, you pay them back the billed amount and other charges associated with the Service rendered by Delivery Genie

Let?s understand this way, John forgot that it?s his girlfriend?s birthday and at the last minute he thought of arranging her favorite Zesty Lemon & Wilde Blueberry Cake from The London Baker in Texas. So, he quickly got onto the App and instructed a Delivery Genie to get the Cake. Once the Genie was at the Bakery,  a photo of the Cake was uploaded on the App for John to Verify and approve the purchase. It is only after John approved of the Purchase, the Delivery Genie went ahead and bought the Cake. within 10 minutes, Genie was standing at the doorstep with the Cake. At this point, John pays US$ 85 to the Genie of which the US $60 was for the Cake.  


Technology has made it easy for Startups to expand their Services and gain a larger Market Share. By offering more and more services under one single Application, you are bound to become the first Billionaire of your family. 

So, do you wish to become an Entrepreneur ethically? Do you need to launch an All-in-One Service App in just 7-10 Days? Join hands with Gojek App Clone, because we have the most Mature, Market Tested, Optimized Apps that can make your startup scale to 100 in just a blink of an eye.?

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