The Basics To MRI Scan: All That You Need To Know To Get Yourself Prepared

MRI Scan

When it comes to options about scanning, magnetic resource imaging or MRI scan has to be one of the most common procedures that are done all over the world. An MRI Scan makes use of a big-sized magnet, radio wave, and a computer to generate a detailed, cross-sectional graphic representation or image of the internal organs and the structure. The scanner is shaped to look like a dome or a tube with a table placed in the middle. The patient lies down on the table and they slide inside.�

This type of scan differs a lot from the CT Scans and they do not involve any possible risk or potential harm to the body that may be caused by ionizing radiation like X-rays. Moreover, these scans are a lot superior to the other forms as the imaging of the body that it provides is a lot better defined. Depending on the symptoms that you have, your physician suggests the kind of scan you would require. 

What Makes The MRI Scans Different Than The Others?

When there is a requirement for a very detailed image of a ligament, tissue, or an organ, MRI Scan is the best option. Owing to the better imaging capabilities, MRI Scan cost more than any other general scanning alternatives. Before you opt for a scan, here are some key tips that can help you get started on the topic:

Ever since the development of MRI scans, these scanners have marked a major milestone in the medical field. These scans have majorly benefitted the doctors, researchers, and scientists to conduct detailed studies of the human without causing any harm to it. Also, it eliminates the need to cut into the body by using any sort of invasive tool to conduct studies. Thus, studying about and monitoring the delicate parts of the body has become a lot more convenient with these scanners. 

Monitoring the development of cysts, tumors, or internal injuries as well as the screening of breast cancer or suspected uterine anomalies can be very conveniently imaged and treated by doctors. The use of these scanners is forever increasing and the MRI technology is evolving in the best possible fashion.

How Should One Prepare For The Scans?

While the preparation that needs to be done during an MRI Scan may be very little, proper care always needs to be taken before commencing the scan. The patient should not be wearing or carrying any sort of metal gear, jewelry or accessories during the scan as they cause interference in the operation of the machine. Moreover, patients who have any sort of metal inside their body, for instance, medical devices like pacemakers, cochlear implants, or bullets, may even be unable to go through the scan. 

If a patient suffers from claustrophobia and they get nervous or anxious in enclosed spaces, they should always consult and let the doctor know about the fact. Accordingly, they will be provided with some sort of medication that can help in making the scan smoother and more comfortable for the patient. Patients are sometimes given intravenous (IV) contrast liquid injections to improve the visibility of the tissue that is significant to the scan. Earplugs or headphones are also provided to ease the fears and protect them from loud noise.

What Happens During And After The Scan?

Once the patient feels comfortable and only when the technician receives a green signal from the patient via the intercom, the scan is started. It is very essential for the patients to stay still why the scan is being done as any sort of movement may disrupt the images. It is very normal for the scanner to make loud clanging noises. If at any point the patient feels uncomfortable, they can contact the technician to stop the scan via the intercom. 

After the scan is done, the images are examined by the radiologist and they check if there is any need for more images or not. If the radiologist feels satisfied with the images, they go on to prepare a detailed report for the doctor who requested the scan. Usually, MRI Scan lasts for about 20-60 minutes and it depends entirely on the part of the body that is being analyzed and the number of images that are required. If the images are not satisfactory, the radiologist may ask for a second round of scans instantly. MRI Scan cost depends on various criteria for instance, the better the imaging capability of the machine; the more precise will be the results. Always make sure to take the advice from your doctor and follow all the instructions of the doctors as well as that of the technicians and the radiologist in charge.


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