Moving internationally amid covid-19 outbreak

    Everyday life has been changed because of the coronavirus outbreak

    Moving abroad is a stressful and challenging situation under any circumstance, and it’s even more so during a global health crisis called COVID-19. Normal routines of everyday life have been put on hold both in the USA and abroad due to the coronavirus. Social distancing is an obligatory action to take until told otherwise. However, moving is not something that can wait. Moving companies are considered essential, which means that they can operate if emergencies like COVID-19 happen. Moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak is not forbidden in some countries, but others have denied the entry of passengers, so you need to check the restrictions of the country you are moving in. If you can postpone your move, maybe that will be in your best interest. Still, there are occasions when you have no choice but to move, and then you should do so as safely as possible. Here, we will give you some useful steps you can take to make your move safe for you and others.

    Choose your moving service carefully

    If you still haven’t chosen the movers to transport your belonging to your new home, now is the time to choose smartly and to ask a lot of questions regarding safety measures. There are reliable and competent moving companies, such as Easy Move KW, which have taken all the safety steps to reduce the risk for the transmission of coronavirus. Before you hire any moving company, make sure they will handle your belonging with gloves and that the truck they use will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Some other measures that moving companies should take to manage the COVID-19 include:

    • practice good hygiene with frequent handwashing
    • providing virtual estimates for moving internationally amid COVID-19 outbreak
    • greeting customers with alternatives to the handshake
    • maintaining at least a 6 feet of space from customers
    Person washing its hands

    Caption:  While moving internationally amid  the COVID-19 outbreak, you need to follow safety procedures, such as frequent hand washing

    What you should do to be prepared when moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak?

    Apart from general recommendations for personal hygiene, cough etiquette, and keeping a distance from persons showing symptoms, there are also some additional steps that you can take when relocating internationally during coronavirus pandemic. When people decide to move, they pick up free moving supplies such as cardboard boxes or plastic containers from the places that are recycling them. However, now it’s not a good time to do that, so it is better to use the boxes you already have or to buy a new one. If possible, you should leave out the hygiene products such as soap and paper towels, as well as hand sanitizer, so your movers can use them to follow safe handwashing procedures.

    Your travel should be safe

    How will you be traveling to your new home? When moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak, you must remember that your travel needs to be safe as well. Before moving day, make sure your travel plans are as safe as possible and make any changes if needed. Don’t forget that you can also safely ship your belongings by air by practicing safe hygiene measures.

    Moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak requires additional cleaning of your new home

    Caption: You should clean all the surfaces in your new home to make sure there are no germs left behind

    Get ready to carefully clean your new home

    There is a chance that your new home is going to be in a reasonably clean condition when you arrive there. After safe and sound travel, you would also want to be completely safe in your new home because you never know what germs may have been left behind by the previous owner. So, don’t take chances, and be prepared to thoroughly clean your new home. Under normal circumstances, you could hire a cleaning crew, but, unfortunately, in this situation when you are relocating during a global pandemic, it may not be safe to hire cleaners. Therefore, load up with rags, cloths and cleaning supplies, clean every surface of your home and make it sparkle.

    A father and a son cleaning their home after moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak

    Caption: After arriving at your new home, clean the furniture and throw away the wrapping paper

    Don’t forget to clean your furniture and moving boxes

    Even though your moving company has taken all the precaution measures to keep you and your belongings safe when moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak, there still might be a chance that something has been contaminated during transportation.? It?s just the reality of the current situation: you won’t have a quick and simple relocation. Just to play it safe, give your furniture and boxes a good cleaning once they arrive. Also, make sure you wash your hands after handling those items. If you have wrapped some of your furniture in plastic, remember to throw away that plastic as soon as you arrive at your new home. And don’t forget to wear gloves when you unpack your belongings.

    Relocating in a time as scary as this certainly takes the moving stress to the next level. Realistically speaking, this coronavirus outbreak will not last forever – it will be over in a few months or even weeks. Until then, be smart while moving internationally amid the COVID-19 outbreak and follow all the standard safety measures. Your actions do not only protect you, but also people you may never meet. We are all part of a larger community, and we can make a huge impact on the lives of others. So, please stay safe during your move.

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