Convenient Car Washing With The Mobile Car Wash App

mobile car wash app

On demand apps have given new meaning to the word convenience. The fact that everything is available in an instance is the reason that people prefer to use on demand apps. This fact also applies to car washing done at the owner?s convenience.?

On demand apps have introduced the concept of luxury service to ordinary people like you and me. Personalized services were usually requested by the elite and upper class people who were very rich. However with on demand services, everything is available at the touch of a few buttons on your mobile phone and you get your service delivered to you in no time. Today there are apps available for each and every service and product that people are using day in day out, including the mobile car wash app. This is an app that facilitates car washing service at the customer?s convenience and at his time and venue.?


Car owners like to drive in clean and well groomed cars but they do not like the idea of cleaning them everyday. That is why they are always on the lookout for a car washing service that can do the necessary as and when the owner requires the car to be washed. To invest in this lucrative business you need to know how the apps work for the car owners as well as for the app owners.


  • Car owners who want their car to have a makeover can download the app, register on it and log into it for the service they require.
  • They choose the service they want e.g. wash, shampoo etc, choose their car size from the list already on the app and then choose the service they want i.e. premium, economy etc.?
  • Car washing services in the vicinity will appear on the app
  • The owner has? the option to choose a car washer or wait for his job to be picked up by one
  • The car wash service provider will wash the car at the pre-designated time and once the job is done, payment will automatically be deducted from the car owner?s credit card account.
  • Both can rate and review the service.
  • As the admin, you stand to gain commission for every successful on demand car wash service delivered through your app.
  • As the admin, you are in charge of which car washing service providers you want to register on your app, the finances, making changes to the price per service, see which car owners use your services regularly and how to go about promoting your business according to client requirements.?


  • Car owners have the privilege of choosing the service they want according to their car and budget.
  • Car owners can choose the location of where they want the car washed using Google Maps and the GPS feature.
  • Car owners are able to track the status of their car wash request i.e. whether their request has been accepted, cancelled or completed by the car wash company.
  • A fully automated payment system allows payments to be made via the customer?s payment card.
  • Once the car wash and/or groom has been completed, the owner gets a picture of his car so that he can see for himself how his newly groomed car looks like.

Now that you know why the mobile car wash app is popular amongst car owners, you can rest assured that when you launch your app, there will be no looking back as you will be providing a service that car owners are looking for desperately. Look for a good developer and launch your app today.?

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