10 Most Misunderstood Facts About Coworking

About Coworking

There is a certain characteristic of co-working that makes it alluring and a subject of constant scrutiny as well. There is always some new fact or a study that would claim that coworking is a fad and isn�t here to stay for long, or its growth pattern is not sustainable and they are wrong. By quite a distance. Co-working is here to stay and become a regular workplace option for office go-ers around the world.

This is just one of the several misunderstood things about coworking. We have a whole list of facts that are popular opinions but are very far from the truth.

Co-working Spaces are noisy and distracting

Though it is true that most co-working spaces have a fun and buzzing environment overall but it is just one side of the picture. Co-working spaces are built in a way that can cater to all types of working styles. There will always be a part of the office that will be generally more happening compared to other places.

If you are someone who likes to work in a quiet place or want a calmer environment for a particular task, then you can simply move to an area that is quieter and less buzzing.

It is only meant for freelancers and startups

The early concept of coworking served the best to professionals operating out of an individual capacity, mostly coders. But that was the early 2000�s, now coworking spaces have evolved in concept and as a culture too.

Today, most co-working spaces are equipped to serve almost everybody. So whether you are a solopreneur, a startup team, or an SME with up to 500 employees, coworking will serve your needs and benefit you on top of it.

Co-working is an expensive option

This is one of the most misunderstood facts about coworking. For some unpopular reason, people think that coworking spaces tend to be more expensive compared to a traditional office space.

It is wrong because cost-effectiveness is one of the most valued propositions of coworking and it is an excellent option for start-ups and SMEs to reduce their overheads.

Coworking benefits only social and extrovert people

Those who are great at networking will enjoy all the possible aspects of coworking but to say that it is only meant to benefit them is unfair.

Coworking spaces have this aura and sense of energy that makes the work being done there feel more meaningful. It has been reported by a large group of coworkers that the scale and inclusivity of coworking adds a huge sense of importance to their work.

It is best suited for technology professionals

The early wave of coworking spaces was dominated by tech professionals and technology-based startups. But, as we said, the culture has evolved manifolds since then.

Today, coworking is used by all sorts of businesses and professionals. Freelance designers, lawyers, real estate agents, advertising firms, PR firms, etc. are using coworking as much as the technology and IT sector.

Coworking workspace is not a great place to hold client meetings

Many people are apprehensive about doing their client meetings in coworking spaces. There is a perception that it will look unprofessional for some reason.

But, many successful deals have taken place at some of the world-renowned coworking brands. In fact, a shared workspace provides a varied range of options to hold a meeting. Coffee, recreational activity, etc. are some of the most preferred modes to conduct a meeting. So, the issue with professionalism goes out of the window straight away.

These workspaces won�t be enough to accommodate specific operational needs

One might think that the requirements of their business are very specific and cannot be properly looked after in a shared environment.

Whereas, coworking spaces take this aspect of accommodating a wide range of members based on their professional background quite seriously. They have all the basic amenities along with designated spaces like conference rooms, sound-proof phone booths, etc. to provide the best working experience to their members.

All coworking spaces are almost the same

This is a widely misconceived notion. Not all coworking spaces are identical, they vary a lot based on their design, facilities, and overall brand identity.

If you are one of those who think that all coworking spaces are the same, then you must explore a little and find out the best that suits your workspace needs.

It is the same as renting an office

If you talk about drawing a basic comparison between subscribing to a coworking space and renting an office, then apparently they are the same. But, what�s always visible, isn�t all there is.

A coworking membership is better than renting an office by miles. The list of benefits that comes along with operating out of a coworking is so long that one will cease to look for any more reasons to switch over from their rented office.

Coworking isn�t meant for developing economies

Another myth that exists with no actual founding theory. Developing economies, such as 

India and Brazil, are witnessing healthy adoption of the coworking culture. Its business model and cultural impact make a solid case for economies with buzzing innovation and booming real estate.

If you have been contemplating shifting your workspace to a coworking, then do not let these massive misconceptions stop you from moving forward. Take your decisions based on your own groundwork and valid suggestions from experienced coworkers.


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