Mistakes New Puppy Owners Make

Training your puppy

There are several errors that lots of new pup owners make that can turn this cheerful time into a discouraging and stressful experience. Owners can prevent these errors to ensure their puppies are healthy and happy. Prevent these new dog owner errors to be sure you and your pup are off to a fantastic start:

1. Training

Training your puppy is important from the very start. Puppies may not perform complicated tasks but they should be trained from the beginning. Owners should make sure basic commands like sit, come, potty training is learned by their puppy.

Potty training your pup inside your home and after that expecting him to immediately go outdoors when he is older. Those clever potty training pads look a terrible lot like nice, plush rugs to your young puppy and he might choose to use your rugs as a toilet spot after you do away with the pads.

2. Not offering enough exercise or training to your puppy.

Lack of exercise, in the beginning, can lead to health problems. Succumbing to his unfortunate whimpers and tucking him in your bed for the very first couple of nights and then anticipating will later result in the development of habit in your dog. This might cause problems when your puppy is grown. Exercise for dogs is very important, hence if they are not in the habit of doing exercise from the very beginning. Teaching a grown-up dog is difficult.

3. Skipping Crate training

Letting your guilty sensations overwhelm you so that you do not crate train him. Crate training assists keep your young puppy safe, given that he can’t get into unsafe things when you aren’t enjoying him if he’s created. Likewise, he feels more secure when he is created while nobody else is home.

Take your young puppy with you when you go out, specifically if you are going to a park or pet store. Puppies ought to be completed with immunizations before they go on trips.

4. Allowing their puppy to roam around your house

Allowing their puppy to roam around your house easily is the most common mistake done by new owners. It is easy to handle a small puppy roaming in your house but difficult in the case of a full-grown dog. Boundaries must be set from the very beginning to ensure no problems are caused by dogs in the future. It is much easier to suppress these habits right now than it is to break your adult canine of bad practices.

5. Avoiding visits to veteran

 A lot of dog owners are likely to skip routine checkups of their dogs unless there is something wrong with their puppy. Dogs tend to hide their pain unless it is unbearable. It is better to reach a veteran as per the routine to make sure your dog is doing well. A veteran can only check if your dog is healthy and make sure there are no problems with him. A routine checkup can help in identifying small illnesses at an early stage and reduce the chances of getting them into a bigger problem.

6. Neglecting Dental Health of their dog

Puppy owners should not neglect dental health to their puppy. It is a common mistake that new owners make. Owners should brush their dog’s teeth two to three times per week. They should also offer the dog chew toys and treats with dental chews. Other ways that owners can improve their pup’s dental health include eating a healthy diet, limiting the consumption of sugary foods, chewing bones and rawhide, and playing with your pup!

7. Feeding their dog improperly

A common mistake that new pup owners make is failing to feed their dogs properly. One of the first things you should learn about your dog is what type of food it needs and how often. You can find these details on your dog’s food bag or from a veterinarian. Owners who give their dogs the wrong type of food may see this as an issue because some foods can cause gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting and diarrhoea. These symptoms will only worsen the problem since diarrhoea can cause dehydration and vomiting may have a negative impact on your dog’s overall health.

8. Fitting A Harness Too Loose Or Too Tight

One of the mistakes that new pup owners make is fitting a harness too loose or too tight. A loose, ill-fitting harness will put pressure on the dog’s neck and can lead to choking. This can also cause a dog’s trachea to collapse. A tight, ill-fitted harness won’t offer any protection from injury or provide space for a growing pet.

You should have a snug fit with two fingers’ width of room between the animal’s skin and the harness. If there is a lot of slack in the straps, cut them down so they are snug on your pet.”


There are several errors that lots of new pup owners make. Mistakes, like not feeding the puppy enough, overfeeding their dog, and letting them sleep in your bed, can turn this cheerful time into a discouraging and stressful experience. Owners can prevent these errors to ensure their puppies are healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for more information on how to care for your new pup or want help with any other aspect of caring for pets in general, we hope you’ll contact us! We’re here to answer all your questions so our experts will be able help provide assistance when it comes to anything pet-related!


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