My memorable trip to Dubai: Decoding my tour

trip to dubai

Back in August, my friends and I decided to travel internationally to Dubai. Yes, this was our first international tour, so we were very enthusiastic about it and didn’t want it to be wasted, so we meticulously planned everything. We book a tour package from Delhi to Dubai for five of us. And I must say travellers should definitely visit Dubai to experience the best of the best. It is the location of numerous magnificent tourist sites and activities. The people of Dubai are nice, and the climate is fair. Also, thanks to Dubai Tourism and the UAE government, tourists and visitors are safe in this city. Beyond that, though, I was really aback by how much there was to do in this city. This city is more than simply a glitzy spot for luxury shopping. There are numerous tourist sites, museums, cultural events, tours, and other things to do in this area.

How to reach Dubai:

The largest airport in the Emirates is in Dubai. All nations have flights landing here, booking a flight is not of much hassle. Al Maktoum International Airport, located 32 km southwest of Dubai in Jebel Ali, is one of the city’s most well-known airports. Dubai International Airport, which is situated in Dubai, is the second one. Furthermore, Sharjah International Airport, which is in Sharjah, is the third airport to consider along with Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Best time to explore Dubai:

The months of November through April are the busiest for travel to Dubai. The daily highs average approximately 27°C (80°F), which is cooler and ideal for desert safaris. But keep in mind that this is a more expensive time to travel and stay, so make your plans accordingly. By the way, I visited Dubai in the shoulder month. The reason was that the sea is at its best for swimming and other water sports during the shoulder season, which lasts from September to October. You’ll discover fewer people and lower rates because it’s significantly less crowded and busy during this time.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • The cost of a bed in a dormitory with 6–8 beds is about 80 AED per night. Free Wi-Fi is standard. This is pretty much inexpensive in comparison to the hotels. However, only one hostel (Bombay Backpackers) offers a complimentary breakfast. Besides, approximately 175 AED per night will be required for a private room with an ensuite bathroom.
  • Middle Eastern neighbors influence Emirati food. As an international hub, this area has more recently become home to a wide variety of regional flavors. Hummus, shawarma, shish tawook (grilled kebabs), and knafeh (a sweet cheese pastry covered with rose syrup and pistachios) are some of the cuisines that are popular in Dubai.
  • Purchase a magazine and app called The Entertainer. It provides deals and specials on dining establishments, accommodations, and recreational activities. When you get to Dubai, pick one up. Although it’s not cheap, you can occasionally find the app for 50% off or get a free trial. A “lite” version is available for free, while monthly memberships are available starting at 35 AED. It’s worth the cost if you intend to see and do a lot.

My Arrival:

I reached Dubai at around 11:30 AM. Post which, we thought to check in at our hotel rooms. After lunch, we thought to make the most of our time visiting a place that has everything beyond imagination. So we visited the most famous Global Village. This enormous entertainment extravaganza combines food, shopping, and live performances to produce an amazing cultural experience. It’s similar to Epcot Centre at Disney World but with a focus on the many Middle Eastern civilizations. We checked out Ripley’s Believe It or Not, did ice skating at Snowfest Ice Rink, and experienced an exhilarating ride at Carnival Amusement Park. The entry fee is merely 18 AED. Then, we returned to our hotel, had our dinner, and slept.

P.S. We were here for five days, and every day, we tried food from numerous restaurants. Almost everything that I tasted here was delicious. Moving forward, below I’ll let you know all the places my friends and I explored while on this trip.

Places that I visited in Dubai:

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you will surely love visiting Aquariums. In Dubai, around 33,000 marine animals live in the 10 million liters of water that make up the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. A unique underwater zoo that showcases a wide variety of aquatic life that can be found in the world’s seas, rivers, and other bodies of water is located on the level above the tank. The VR Zoo, the third component, offers thrilling animal encounters through meticulously designed virtual excursions. Our group tried numerous activities here including cage snorkeling, shark diving, shark walks, boat trips, and feeding animals.

  • Desert Safari

We went on a day-long safari to get a taste of the desert. We went into the desert in search of birds and other wildlife, had some regional food, and enjoyed the magnificent vistas. Here, you can get desert Jeep rides, camel tours, and horseback riding excursions. An expedition lasting a whole day had cost us about 439 AED per person.

  • Dubai Butterfly Garden

We all have heard about this beautiful garden at least once in our lifetime. With 15 thousand butterflies and around 50 different species, it is the largest butterfly garden in the world. The butterflies have a variety of colors, traits, and shapes. There are approximately ten specialized domes in the indoor Dubai Butterfly Garden. There are many of these colorful and attractive flying creatures in each one. The primary attractions at Butterfly Garden include the Butterfly Museum, Educational Area, Koi Pond, Cinema, and Miracle Garden. We tried to cover each of them while on our visit.

  • Stereo Arcade

Do you think we are coming back to India without visiting one of the best nightclubs? Well, young people have taken a big interest in the brand-new nightclub Stereo Arcade. It is a chill nightclub and gathering place at DoubleTree JBR. It gives off a distinctive vibe because of the neon lights, paintings, and drawings that decorate the walls. Here, the friendly and accommodating staff delivered us energizing mocktails while playing classic hip-hop and R&B songs. This club is open from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m. and costs AED 400 for two people.

  • Wild Wadi Water Park

One of Dubai’s most well-liked water parks, Wild Wadi Water Park offers unique experiences for visitors of all ages with its imaginative attractions. The concept for Wild Wadi Water Park came from the character Juha from the well-known folktale Arabian Nights. The water park offers superb surfing chances in addition to the thrills. However, on several rides, there are restrictions based on height, weight, and health. But we got a chance to enjoy rides like Juha’s Journey and Master Blasters with all our hearts.

If you are in Dubai, you would surely go to the world’s tallest structure, Burj Khalifa. It has an astounding 163 floors. You may take the elevator up to the 125th floor for 169 AED and enjoy breathtaking city views. Or you may pay 399 AED to access the private lounge by going up to level 148. On our journey, we paid 169 AED and visited the 125th floor. The unique tower, which stands 555 meters (1,820 feet) tall, has a hotel, exclusive condominiums, business offices, and a bar/lounge. Additionally, the fountain below dances to music as a stunning light show of fish and other landscapes illuminates the skyscraper at night. It was a fantastic experience to have while in Dubai.

Bottom Lines:

These were a handful of the locations we were able to see while in Dubai. On the other hand, the city has a lot to offer; so we already decided to explore it on our next trip.


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