Your Rulebook to Successfully Develop Meditation On Demand App Like Headspace

on demand medition app

Meditation is a very ancient practice created in the Asian subcontinent in order to keep people calm and relaxed. The practice involved keeping your eyes closed and focusing on one single thing. Over the years, this ancient practice gained enormous popularity. This was especially due to the very cumbersome and tiring life of people nowadays.

Thus, to make sure this relaxation technique is available to all has led to the creation of meditation on demand apps like Headspace.

Here?s a small description of the solution for you below. 

Headspace ? Making Meditations Easy and Interactive

The solution had its creation in the year 2010 to primarily offer meditation services to the customers. This is through its app available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.?

The app presents users with a free ten-day course on meditation. Upon the completion of these ten days, if they wish they can avail of a paid meditation course. This course, in turn, presents them to close to around a hundred hours of meditation courses in total.?

So, it is an extremely useful app making it easy for customers to receive meditation lessons. These support them in remaining calm, refreshed and rejuvenated, all at the same time.?

Now you may be thinking about the properties that set this app apart? To explain the same, we have listed some unique assets of the solution below. 

Intuitive Nature of Headspace

  1. A clean application design making it easy to use on a whole by the customer
  2. Access to a pleasant voice of instructor who makes the meditation process calm and refreshed 
  3. Presents users to wide varieties of meditation patterns, themes and durations respectively to make the process interactive in nature

In short, with all these factors, therefore, the solution has gone on to receiving wide popularity among users with close to 10,000,000+ installs on the Google Play Store alone and also has attracted the attention of those in pursuit of building an app similar to this one. 

So, if you are thinking of building an app like Headspace, make sure you follow the strategies given below. This will help you provide intuitive meditation experiences to your customers and successfully build a brand. 

Tactics to Implement to Build App like Headspace

Keep the design calm ?

Remember, your app is a meditation app. Thus, it is important when your users open your app immediately after opening it they feel relaxed. So, it is essential thus, the design is kept as subtle as possible. 

Support your users track progress and activity seamlessly ?

Make sure your app helps your users identify how they are using the solution and whether their stress level has decreased or not. You can go about doing so making yours on demand app interactive in nature where the customers need to simply answer a few questions and thereafter be presented with the results. 

Identify the subscription model you want to adopt ?

Headspace, as you are aware, has a ten-day free trial period upon the completion of which users have the freedom to pay for the courses. So, if you are in the pursuit to build an app similar to this you need to analyze the subscription model that will help you garner revenues in plenty and thereupon incorporate the same. 

So, make sure to follow these tips categorically when building mindfulness meditation on demand app like Headspace and see the way your solution brings in more users and attracts revenues in great quantity.


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