Meditation and its benefits


Meditation has been the solution for many human problems since long ago. The practice of medicine has its roots in Indian philosophy. Medical sciences have also emphasized on the importance of meditation. It is the best way to spend some time with yourself. Mediation has numerous benefits for people from every age group and any profession. It is an effective stress reliever and offers calmness of mind. Advantages of meditation are too empowering to be overlooked. 

How to practice mediation?

Well, it is as easy as it can be. You just need to sit with your back straight in a silent room. Don?t think of anything. Just let your thoughts free. Allow them to flow without the hindrance of your subconscious. You don?t have to concentrate on any particular thought, instead you need to become thoughtless. you can spend 5 minutes in yoga meditation initially. If you like it and feel that it is working for you, you can extend the time accordingly.?

Benefits of mediation

We all know about the benefits of meditation. But when it comes to stating them we often start fumbling. This might be because we never paid attention to these benefits in a singular manner. Never mind, here?s a list of benefits if daily mediation:

1.Health benefits of meditation 

Meditation introduces physiological changes in the body. It magnifies the energy of the cells. This results in more elaborate emotions of enthusiasm, happiness, peace and patience. The health benefits are:

  • Suitable high blood pressure
  • Controlled levels of blood lactate which reduces anxiety 
  • Alters tensed physiological features which arise from unnecessary worrying. Like headaches, ulcers, insomnia, muscle and joint problems.
  • Stimulates hormonal production of good hormones like serotonin which regulates mood and emotions. 
  • strengthens the immune system
  • Energy level increases, because you energise your inner sources of energy.

2.Mental benefits of meditation 

The mental benefits of meditation are the most significant. Meditation rewires the brain and instigates a surge of positivity. Brain remains fresh and becomes more open to complex thoughts and attempt to simplify them. The mental benefits are:

  • Noticeable drop in anxiety levels 
  • Better emotional stability 
  • Creativity is unleashed 
  • Increased intuitive power 
  • Gain in clarity of thought
  • Calm mind free from overthinking and worries 
  • Positive thinking 
  • Brain capable of enduring dire circumstances 
  • Problems seem to be petty and resolvable 
  • More focused mind
  • Freedom from negative feelings and thoughts like anger and sadness
  • An expanded consciousness 
  • Sharp mind that promotes constructive thinking 

3.Spiritual benefits of meditation 

Spiritual benefits of meditation though limited are beneficial in long run. You don?t need to be devoted to a particular religious? school or have faith in God for being able to mediate. The spiritual benefits are linked to your soul and mind, the entities of body that the study of psychology somewhere endorses. 

  • Instead of assuming yourself to be alone in this huge world, you associate and merge yourself with the cosmos and its energy. 
  • When you meditate you become more calm and content. This energy of positivity and calmness is emitted from you and instils harmony between you and your surroundings. 
  • You start discovering yourself. When you meditate, you connect with your own thoughts and feelings. This gives you a deeper sense of yourself. And improves understanding of your desires and expectations from your life. 

Meditations and its benefits are immensely effective and result oriented. meditation and its benefits awareness of yourself and your surroundings, cleanses your mind, purifies your thoughts, instigates a feeling of belongingness, strengthens your brain, makes you resilient and offers a positive outlook to life. It helps you to get rid of anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of sadness, negativity, loneliness, sense of being lost and chaotic thoughts. It makes your life brighter, problems shorter, and smile bigger.?

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