It’s All About The MEDION EXTENDER Device

The Medion Extender Extends the Existing WiFi network in a large area and dead-zones areas also. This extender is designed to amplify the WiFi network signal. This network device is used as an access point to communicate between the Existing network. It also communicates as clients for devices that do not have any power adapter. This Extender contains its package LAN connection port, Wireless signal strength LED button, WPS button, reset button, power adapter, and Ethernet Cable. This repeater size is very compact and it�s freestanding in any place of your home, or office. This is mainly used in offices, businesses, small industries, and homes. Its main features are securable WiFi connection, no hacking the data connection with multiple devices, quick management, and control, parental control, and so on.

The Extender enhances the router�s network and covers all the distancing areas where the router�s network signal is not reached. When you are too far away from the router WiFi signal network and do not connect the network to your device. Then you can connect the router network with Extender, to use the Router�s Network. You can also use an extender when your WiFi network signal is poor. The Medion WiFi extender setup and management are very easy, compared to others. 

Use of the Medion Extender

This Extender mainly used to enhance the router signal strength. The Medion extender used when your router provides a poor network connection. It covers the long distancing areas and dead zones areas, in these areas the router’s network can’t reach. By connecting the router network to the extender, you can easily use the Medion network on mobile phones, laptops, Pc, and tablets. You can connect multiple devices through the Extender. An Extender is also known as an access point and client. It also increases the speed of the WiFi internet. This Extender size is very small and compact. You can place this Extender in a ventilated area because antennas of the Medion Extender easily catch the WiFi signal.

Login to the Medion Extender

Before doing the Medion WiFi Extender setup first, you access the Extender login page. Place your Extender near the location of the router. Plug your Medion extender in an Electric outlet and next to your Router. Connect your router with an Ethernet cable to get a wired network connection. Turn on the power to both devices. The Extender blinks the LED light. An LED light gives information about power, updating, and network signal. Also, turn on the power of your Pc and connect with the internet to access the login page. Open the web browser, type in the address bar your extender IP address. Now, your Pc window is accessing the login page. On your Pc window displays a login box, type in the login box your Extender username and password. Tap or click on the next button option. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete login credentials. The Radion Extender login process is complete in a proper manner. 

Medion Extender Installation 

The WPS button makes the securable connection between a router and the Extender. You can also do the Extender setup by using the WPS button. To do the Medion WiFi Extender setup with the WPS button. Plugin your extender and router using the power outlet. Turn on the power of both devices. Press or hold the WPS button for a few seconds to connect the WiFi network with your device. Continue the same process with the router. Wait for a few seconds, the LED lights flash, which means the network signal is working. The WiFi signal connects with the Extender by using the security password. Now, the extender is ready to use. Connect the Extender WiFi network to your device without entering the password. 

By using the web browser, you can also access the Extender setup page. Open the Web browser using your Pc and visit https://repeater.setup.medion. It takes some time to access the Medion Extender setup page. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the Medion WiFi extender setup. 

More things to know about Medion Extender

Issues with the Medion extender are overloading and overheating the Extender. Disconnecting the wiFi network from Pc, Extender WiFi network not connected with the multiple devices shows many errors while connecting the network. Login credentials are not properly working.�

Place your router in a cool area to trouble the overheating problem. Clear all history and cache from the device. Test Ethernet cable in different ports.

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