Top 7 Medicated Toothpastes in India

Medicated toothpaste is different from traditional ones. It is meant to treat diseases related to teeth, gums, and mouth using toothpaste with effective medicines. Sometimes it is also called medicinal dental cream. These toothpaste can be bought over the counter or by doctor’s prescription. If you are suffering from fungal infections, cavity, root exposure, lesions, enamel erosion, etc., then you would need these medicines. Therefore we suggest visiting your doctor before picking up any of the below listed medicinal toothpaste.�

 Medicated Toothpastes

Best Dentist-Recommended Medicated Toothpaste 

Here we have listed the most effective toothpaste available in India for overall mouth care ranging from bleeding gums, teeth sensitivity, and lack of mineralization. All the products are clinically tested and recommended by dentists. 

1. Emoform Toothpaste

�Emoform� is multi-action toothpaste and gives gentle treatment to your teeth. If you have been struggling with hypersensitivity, this paste pacifies and contains EMS salts efficient in gum care. The RDA 25 cleaning formulas remove the strains and clean the tooth gently.  It also neutralizes acid effects and acts on any agent responsible for teeth decay. Even if you have diabetes, you need to worry about rising blood sugar level; this toothpaste is absolutely sugar-free.

Quantity- 100g

Price- ?106

2. Enafix Anti-Cavity Toothpaste

Teeth problems are not restricted to age. Adults and kids face an array of dental issues like, so instead of buying two different toothpaste to fight against cavities, you can buy one. It acts on the week teeth enamel and strengthens it. It also works great on dry mouth and increases phosphate calcium content in saliva. So you can buy it over the top and use it to treat multiple teeth related problems. It is majorly recommended when you face any enamel related problem. 

Quantity- 100g

Price- ?257

3. Dr. Jaikaran’s Herbodent Sensitive Toothpaste

Dr.Jaikaran�s dental products are herbal and very useful on mouth issues. It works wonders if you struggle with swelling or bleeding gums and gingivitis. Adding to that, this also reduces the tooth pain caused by temperature sensitivity. If you are not suffering from the symptoms mentioned above, you can still use it to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Quantity- 380g

Price- ?270

4. Sensodyne Repair Toothpaste

Sensodyne is a well-known tooth care brand. It has a range of medicated toothpaste; here, we have picked Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste. This product provides relief to anyone suffering from severe gum bleeding and teeth sensitivity and prevents decay. If you continue using this toothpaste for four to five weeks, you will experience visible changes. It is always advised that you brush your teeth twice a day for better results. You can buy this toothpaste from JioMart, and if you use JioMart coupons, you can get exciting discounts.

Quantity- 70g

Price- ?162

5. Elsenz Toothpaste -Armour for Teeth

Enriched with Biomin F, Elsenz Toothpaste is a true protector of your teeth enamel. It is called the teeth Armour and has been accredited by Oral Health Foundation. It majorly acts on open dentinal tubules and creates the protecting shield the exposure. You can nourish your teeth using this toothpaste. It strengthens your teeth’ roots and keeps them away from common issues like teeth sensitivity, tooth decay, and more.

Quantity- 100g

Price- ?270

6. SHY-NM Toothpaste – Protects from Sensitivity

Tooth pain triggered by hot, cool, sweet, and sour food is often a very common tooth problem. To tackle with tooth sensitivity, there are many types of toothpaste available in the market. But here, we have listed this medicated toothpaste that provides instant relief and gives near-permanent results as well. It also contains essential minerals and elements that help in providing strength to our teeth.

Quantity- 100g

Price- ?221

7. Kudos Ayurveda Neem + Clove Toothpaste

If you are looking for herbal ways to find the solution to your teeth problems, we have a suggestion for you. Kudos Ayurveda Neem and Clove toothpaste is a perfect combination of herbal oils of clove and others with analgesic-rich properties. You can start using it when you experience tooth pain, and surely you will feel the difference. However, use it frequently to get the best results.

Quantity- 200g

Price- ?120


 Do not take your tooth problems lightly, rather act when you first feel the discomfort in your teeth, mouth, and gums. Here we have listed effective medicated toothpaste that will be a treatment course for you. Along with good toothpaste, the quality of toothbrush is also important. Use a soft bristle brush and apply the toothpaste to the affected areas for two minutes. We hope this blog was helpful for you.

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