7 Vital Things to Do to Succeed as an MC

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One of the common misconceptions about being a program presenter or master of ceremonies is that you just need to have that gift. The gift is a combination of a charming personality, the ability to engage people, and a knack for clear and witty communication. This combination of qualities is definitely a plus, but they are not all that?s needed if you wish to establish a career as a presenter or MC.

According to a famous MC in Dubai who is regularly hired for corporate events, presenting or hosting entails a lot of work if you want to be as engaging and impressive as possible. At the same time, there are other qualities that you can work on so it can become easier for you to capture your audience and establish a good rapport with them.

Listed here are seven vital things that you should and can do to become an in-demand MC.

1. Learn how to project your voice really well.

Remember the homeless guy who became viral on the Internet for having the authoritative voice of a radio broadcaster? Well, he garnered attention because he has a captivating voice. You can learn this if you want people to stop and listen the moment you open your mouth.

There are speech trainers or coaches who can teach you to project your voice well. At the same time, they can also coach you on intonation, which will come in handy, especially in formal and elegant events. What?s more, with the help of such professionals, you will also learn how to properly take care of your voice.

2. Master social graces.

Although not all events have quite a formal atmosphere, it will work to your advantage to be deeply knowledgeable of social graces. This way, you can be more conscientious of your efforts to engage and avoid offending anyone.

Again, there are classes that you can take for social etiquette and non-biased speech. You can sign up for those and learn how you can easily modify your interactions and manner of speaking depending on the nature and goals of the event you are hosting.

3. Be friendly and relatable.

The combination of being congenial and relatable will help you lock in your audiences and have them warm up to you. There are different things you can do to establish rapport in a friendly way.

  • Greet participants and have a light exchange with them prior to the event.
  • Share a story that you know everybody can relate to, such as getting stuck in traffic, or the current concerns of the world.
  • Deliver an appropriate joke.
  • Ask a question and get a member of the audience to answer.

Those are just some of the strategies that you can implement to get closer to the audience.

4. Hone your preparation skills.

?Winging it? is not advisable for professional MCs. You have to prepare for the event thoroughly through research and rehearsals. Make sure that you have accurate information about the event and the topics to be covered. This way, you’ll create a smoother flow for the program and manage those in-between moments effectively. You never want to be just a person who’s moving things along.

Also, rehearse. This is an absolute must no matter how long you have been working as an MC or presenter. The good thing about rehearsing everything is that you protect the flow of the program. You’ll avoid rambling too much, speaking for longer than necessary, and extending the schedule of the event. Nothing can improve your confidence in handling the task better than being properly rehearsed and prepared.

5. Observe your audience well.

The kind of audience you will be facing is a critical variable in the way you approach the program. The casual approach for young, energetic people is always different from the casual approach for more mature folks who are likely to hold important positions in business organizations.

One of the best ways to address this is to simply ask the audience how they are doing. The response will provide a clear idea of the kind of language and manner of speaking to use. Here?s a little veteran wisdom: Propriety will always serve you well in hosting events, and this is key in ensuring future engagements with the same organization. You want MC jobs to keep on coming, so avoid being too controversial and scaring off potential clients.

6. Practice relaxation methods.

No matter how experienced or trained you are as a presenter, you will still find some situations quite nerve-racking, and yet the show must go on. A much bigger crowd, the presence of a high-ranking official, an audience that seems too serious ? these are just some heart-thumping situations that can turn you into a huge bundle of nerves.

Learn how you can take control of yourself. Try performing breathing exercises to calm yourself down, or maybe meditation can work for you. With the help of relaxation methods, it will be easier for you to do your job no matter the circumstances.

7. Improve your body language.

Lastly, it’s not enough to just say all the right things and deliver spiels confidently; your body language should be consistent with what you’re saying as well. Audiences can be nitpicky, and a wrong move of the body will leave a stronger impression than whatever you’re saying.

For instance, if you are presenting the goal of an event while standing stiffly and with your arms crossed in front of you, your audience will get the impression that you’re a bit uninterested not just in the event, but in them as well. Bear in mind that non-verbal communication can send clear messages too. So learn the right body language to come off as confident, interested, fun, and engaging.

The job of an MC or presenter in Dubai may often seem easy and fun, but that is simply the result of dedicated work. There are undoubtedly a lot of things that you can do to create that impression. If you are starting out in this career, the information shared above can help you address some weaknesses, thrive, and become successful.

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Hisham Wyne is an internationally recognised MC, broadcaster, presenter and moderator who helps the world’s best-known brands create memorable occasions. He regularly hosts conferences, panel sessions, gala dinners and award ceremonies for some of the world’s best brands. With 150+ events under his belt, Hisham is the professional speaker that brands and agencies turn to when wanting to interview, engage and entertain government VVIPs and Hollywood celebrities.

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