MBA in Supply Chain: Top Career Options

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Every parent wishes for a rewarding job for their children. Hence, they invest a considerable amount in their education. Today, the scope of a career in the logistics and supply chain industry encompasses excellent job opportunities. To accomplish the dream of working in this industry, students often look for MBA courses. The study of MBA in Supply Chain focuses on understanding the planning, implementation, and controlling of the materials. 

Another popular two-year course is Logistics MBA. Most of the students pursue any of the two MBA courses to begin their logistics and supply chain industry careers. Pursuing a master’s degree indicates an individual’s passion and dedication to enhancing their knowledge or skill in a specific specialisation area. This specialised degree offers career benefits in manifolds. Some of them are- higher salary, career advancement, and the chance to work as a team leader in logistics coordination.

The sector of logistics and supply chain in the market is a major part and parcel to every industry, and hence, it is recognized as the prime component in all these sectors? functions. The fact that the industrial economy is booming has a significant positive outcome on the logistics and supply chain sector. The logistic management objective is to collect raw materials from the suppliers and deliver the finished goods to the customers. In contrast, chain management is about managing the organisations involved in the trading process.

The growth in the logistics industry has led to the demand for professionals. MBA graduates have a wide scope of career in the supply chain and logistics industry. The students get to Here are some of the job profiles available after completion of MBA-

Logistics Consultant

You can work as a logistic consultant. They are responsible for enhancing the performance of business via IT, strategic planning and business intelligence. The initial salary of the consultant is around INR 2.5 Lakhs.

Transportation Manager

Responsible for supervising third-party goods carrier systems, transportation managers have an initial salary of INR 1.6 Lakhs. These managers also need to monitor expenses included in the end to end delivery.

Warehouse Operation Manager

It is also one of the popular positions in the logistics and supply chain industry. The warehouse operation manager needs to handle commercial and industrial distribution centres. An entry-level manager earns an INR 1.8 Lakhs per annum.

Logistic Manager

Most of the graduates wish to work as logistic managers. They are responsible for completing supply chain operations. Planning and forecasting for clients is also a part of their job. Their pay is on a higher side. An entry-level logistic manager earns INR 3.5 Lakhs.

Purchasing Manager

If you hold an interest in sales, you are perfect for this job profile. Purchasing managers are responsible for the sales and purchasing activities of the organisation. Selecting suppliers, managing relations with clients are also a part of their job. Their initial salary is around INR 3.5 Lakhs.

The logistics sector works in close nexus with almost all the other industries like airlines, international trade, IT etc. India’s emergence as the second-fastest growing economy globally has also led to the faster growth of the logistics industry. Consequently, logistics and chain managers are in need, and the resources employment prospects have widened by leaps and bounds. Several institutes in India offer MBA in Supply Chain to provide professional degrees to aspirants who wish to work in the supply chain industry. 

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