The Best Possible Material Options for Kraft Display Boxes

kraft display boxes

The current corporate world booms with innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that have set the bar high for all brands. Custom Kraft Display Boxes are among those highly-demanded solutions that have emerged as a top choice for all eco-conscious brands and consumers.

Made from recyclable material options, these boxes lend several benefits to brands, serving an attractive yet functional choice to reduce the brand’s carbon footprint. With the sole intention of providing a perfect product display, these boxes manage to enjoy the top spot in the market, as brands these days are much more conscious of their product looks.

Here in this post, we are going to shed light on what printed Kraft boxes are the benefits of using eco-based Kraft boxes, as well as the top material choices to create sustainable Kraft boxes.

Why Do Brands Use Kraft Display Boxes?

Boasting a unique shape, and primarily being composed of Kraft paper, these boxes are the common strong, brown boxes that are made from wood pulp. These come with an easy assembly, allowing brands to handle bulk orders as well.

Offering exceptional strength, durability, and fine looks to the product, these boxes are the hot talk. Brands prefer placing them on counter shelves and notable areas at retail stores, where they can easily get them noticed and pique the interest of the target audience.

Made of layers of corrugated cardboard, these boxes offer enough safety to the inside product while in transit and hinder the chances of any external factors coming in contact with the desired product.

The Green Effect

The wow factor of using these boxes is that they are quite friendly to the environment and use virgin materials, such as cardboard or recycled paper. Using them not only helps to conserve the natural resources but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. As they are recyclable and get decomposed easily, most of the brands use Kraft display boxes as their go-to option.

Customization Power

As each product comes with an individual size and needs, brands need to ponder on this aspect and include custom features. This helps to adjust changes to these custom boxes at any stage. Moreover, when the brand’s logo and other relevant details are printed on these boxes, they help to instantly pique the consumers’ attention and let them know about the brand it is coming from. Therefore, their versatile nature leads to their ceaseless demand in the market.

Lesser Costs

Kraft boxes are relatively cheaper as compared to other boxes, and thus brands prefer buying Kraft display boxes wholesale that are charged according to per unit price and help to cut down on the overall costs. As they can be recycled, this eliminates the need for making them again from scratch and leads to lesser production costs, making these boxes highly affordable for all.

Portable & Light in Weight

Being extremely light in weight, these offer easy handling and can be transported to any place easily. Therefore, these boxes serve as an ideal storage and their lesser weight helps to cut down the overall costs of shipping. As these use Kraft paper that is highly resistant to grease and moisture, the safe shipping of the product is guaranteed at all stages, and this ensures the integrity of the product.

Ample Branding Options

With Kraft boxes, brands can enjoy effortless marketing. The original brown color of these boxes lends a timeless look while serving as a clean and eco-friendly option. These boxes come with an aesthetic touch, making them an ideal choice for branding. Moreover, any sort of printing and finishing can be easily carried out on them, allowing brands to promote themselves easily.

What are the Best Recyclable Materials for Kraft Display Boxes?

Though, primarily, these boxes are composed of Kraft material. However, there are many other green options available as well, which these boxes can adopt in order to assure maximum sustainability. A few of them are listed below:

Recycled Kraft Paper

This material is mainly used in making these boxes and is the top specialty these boxes are known for. Acquired from wood pulp that is fully recyclable, this material is made, which not only saves the land from waste materials but also leads to reducing the demand for virgin materials.

Recycled Corrugated Cardboard

These boxes normally come with layers of corrugated cardboard, that provides them with the maximum strength that they are known for. This material is highly robust and protects the inside content against all external influences. This option is a must if brands want their packaging’s durability and strength. There are times when the inside product might require higher levels of strength, and this material option is an ideal fit for this case.

Recycled Paperboard

Other than Kraft and corrugated material, these boxes can also use this option in their making, as it is quite light in weight and yet sturdy enough. This can be used for various purposes such as in the outer layer of the box, or simply for creating inserts and any sorts of segments inside the box.

Plant-Based Inks

These are inks friendly to the environment and are solely made from plant-based sources, as compared to the inks that are made from petroleum. These are recyclable and therefore cause minimum harm to the surroundings, further serving as an excellent option for all eco-conscious brands.

Recycled Plastic & Bio-Plastics

In case any sort of window or viewing panel is required, this material is a perfect option that is made from industrial and post-consumer waste. Bio-plastic is obtained from corn or sugarcane, and both of them are renewable resources.

By choosing any of the aforementioned options, brands can create packaging that aligns with their green vision while minimizing the carbon impact around them. Get hands-on custom Kraft display boxes made of sustainable material choices, at Packaging Mania – the powerhouse of dynamic packaging solutions.


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