5 Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth


The types of content marketers can reach new audiences continue to evolve. New platforms such as TikTok and add-ons such as LinkedIn Stories are now mainstream. Digital sources have become the supreme leader in the world of marketing. Now it accounts for about 80% of all marketing channel budgets. This number is expected to increase in 2021.

By examining various branding trends below, you can evaluate which ones to use in the context of your market, core audience, product or service so you can effectively plan how to take your brand to the next level in 2021-22.

1. Storytelling

Storytelling is nothing new, but it remains one of the most important trends as business development strategy. 33% of CMOs say brand strategy is their most important strategic focus. Every brand has something to tell in their stories. Brand stories help companies build close relationships with other companies and consumers. DEEP. Marketing. Branding suggests that this format will give you the opportunity to build real relationships and long-term loyalty, to stand out from your competitors. For example, Italian brand Versace Jeans Couture launched a special project VISION FOR THE FUTURE in the summer of 2020, which told the stories of talented creators from around the world – directors, artists, musicians and photographers.

2. Innovative partnership

Forming innovative partnerships with other brands is another way to improve your customer experience. By partnering with a free service company, you will bring more value to your customers. Let’s say you own an email digital marketing software company. Your customers are primarily small business owners. Partnering with a social media marketing business to create a new product that combines social media and email services can make your offer more attractive.

3. Video marketing and sales

Video is the fastest growing form of content. From YouTube to TikTok, people are consuming video content more and more. People perceive visual media such as images, illustrations, and videos. With so much content to scroll through, it’s easier to watch a short video than it is to read a long article. According to DEEP. Marketing. Branding surveys video can help you connect with your customers more personally than other forms of content marketing plans. In 2020, 92% of marketers said video content is an important part of their content marketing strategy.

4. Client profile analysis

For better understanding of the audience, in order to satisfy its needs as much as possible, a number of characteristics are collected that make it possible to draw up a portrait of the client. A client portrait is an image of a real buyer who needs a company product to solve his problems. By understanding who your real customer is today, you can:

  • assess the volume of your target audience and find ways to attract a new one;
  • personalize the product, as well as methods of promotion and communication with customers;
  • draw up a media plan or redistribute budgets in the existing one;

Information about consumers to compile their portrait can be taken from various sources. Among them:

  • surveys – This method allows you to determine the attitude of the client to your product;
  • social networks – getting to know clients’ accounts in social networks, obtaining information about their hobbies and interests, as well as tracking their activity in your profile;
  • web analytics data – when you connect Google Analytics, so that you can track consumer behavior, geo (city, country), what device they use, age, etc.;

It’s a great idea to engage with the audience. This not only showed how creative they are, but also showed how much they care about what their audience cares about.

For example Google knows that making your audience feel special is one of the best ways to engage them, and Google did the right thing. Moreover, through the campaign, Google also establishes a closer connection with his clients.

5. Creating Brand Communities

Brand communities can increase customer loyalty and bring more people to your brand. Many international brands have their own communities – Lego, Microsoft, PlayStation, etc. A brand community is a collection of people who interact both with a brand and with each other, who popularized its product. Members of your community recommend your brand to their family and friends, discuss products on online forums and  social media.

For example,to get an idea of what to expect, get started with a free weekly newsletter or make a 7-day trial with free access to a closed community. Discussions can be divided into channels, including General Questions, Learning, Wins, FAQ questions, Challenges, and Side Jobs.

To conclude, based on the collected data, customer and marketing segmentation, and strategies for interacting with them are identified to help with boosting your website.


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