Manali’s Top 10 Resorts

resorts in Manali

The lovely little hill station of Manali, situated in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, is perched at 6726 feet above sea level in the Beas Valley. Manali is a popular tourist destination that also serves as a gateway to enchanted Indian destinations such as Leh and Spiti.

resorts in Manali

This valley, which has a population of fewer than ten thousand inhabitants, is nestled in the green comfort of the Kullu Valley. Manali is well connected to all major cities and attracts a large number of tourists all year. The ten best resorts in Manali city are highlighted here, and they will greatly enhance your holiday experience in this lovely city.

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1. Span Resort and Spa

The Span Resort and Spa, located 14 kilometers from the city center, is one of Manali’s most famous and best luxury resorts. The resort is built majestically and is located in a location that provides tourists with a peaceful time in the midst of nature’s splendor. Trekking, fishing, horseback riding, river rafting, and paragliding are among the adventure activities available at the resort. A wonderful spa, indoor and outdoor sports, and other amenities are available.

2. Shivadya Resort

Shivadya Resort is a one-of-a-kind rustic and lovely resort surrounded on all sides by green-covered hills. The panoramic views and range of facilities offered at this location, which is located in the Karjan area, are both breathtaking. The breathtaking views of the valley from this vantage point can take your breath away. This resort offers a wide range of facilities to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

3. Solang Valley Resort

Solang Valley Resort is situated at an elevation of nearly 8500 feet, surrounded by dense woodland, undulating mountain ranges, and meandering rivers, and is a sight to behold. The resort’s ideal venue, which is stunning in all seasons, instills a sense of calm the moment you walk in. The apple and pinewood trees help you relax against the backdrop of snowy peaks. With an ice rink, gym, spa, open-air restaurant and barbecue, shopping center, and other amenities, your vacation will be one to remember. Visitors to the resort will also participate in various adventure sports such as paragliding, hiking, and rafting.

4. Manuallaya Resort

Manually Resort is an ideal romantic retreat, with breathtaking quantities of snow and views of distant Himalayan peaks. Although the surroundings do the majority of the work in making your vacation enjoyable, the resort provides amenities such as a spa, gym, Jacuzzi, and a variety of other sporting activities to spice things up. Restaurant, bar, steam and sauna, ice rink, and other great facilities are all available to you here.

5. Apple Country Resort

Apple Country Resort is set high above amidst the green and white shades of the mountains, offering a spectacular view of the valley. The atmosphere at this resort is always peaceful and offers a perfectly rejuvenating experience, as it is surrounded on all sides by snow and pine trees. The rooms are tastefully and simply furnished. The resort blends luxury with convenience and provides pleasant service.

6. White Meadows Resorts

White Meadows Resorts is about 5 kilometers from the city center, nestled in the mountains with the Beas river running through it. The resort offers magnificent rooms that cater to all of your needs and wishes and is designed to provide comfort with a comfortable and rich experience. The White Meadows Resort, which has a pool, bar, lounge, sports, and other amenities, also allows guests to participate in fun activities such as rock climbing and skiing.

7. Hotel River Crescent

The Hotel River Crescent, nestled among apple orchards in the mountains, is a wonderful place to spend time with your loved ones. It is beautifully decorated and lavishly furnished. As the river meanders past you, tall trees provide shelter for the sweetest chirping birds, and a thousand shades of green of the forest surround you in all directions, experience nature in the raw wilderness from inside the resort. Mountain biking, rafting, trekking, and skiing are only a few of the activities available.

8. Hotel Manali Inn

Hotel Manali Inn, a skyscraper among resorts, is the place to stay if you want to have a comfortable and almost royal stay. This luxury resort, located near the Beas River, caters to all of your desires and comforts. The resort would make you want to visit Manali just to stay here, with its perfect panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

9. Quality Inn River Country Resort

Quality Inn River Country Resort’s wooden cottages are so warm and inviting that you’ll never want to leave. These comfort-filled little palaces, decorated in a way that will make you feel at home, are perfect for relaxing in Manali’s peaceful weather. The resort offers a beautiful view of the pinewoods and cedars. The river Beas, which sparkles by, can also be seen from here. The resort, which offers a wide range of amenities, will be a fantastic place to stay in Manali.

10. Banon Resorts

The Banon Resorts in these breathtaking mountains have yet another level of luxury. The suites are fitted with all facilities as well as balconies that not only provide fantastic views but also provide good ventilation to all of your quarters, filling them with clean and fresh mountainous air.

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