5 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation in Google Search

Most of internet activity of all users begins through search engines and since google is the biggest and the most popular search engine known to man, you need to make sure that your website plays favorably to the checks in balances put in by Google to get the best results out of the same. 

Online reputation with regard to search engines is all about controlling and influencing what appears when someone performs searches of your brand and everything that is associated with the brand. It is more than just taking care of every negative thing that is out there about your company. It is more than just redeeming your company’s reputation; it is about enhancing it.

Google always decides what it will eventually show in its pages so you need pay heed to their algorithms to ensure that you rank higher on their SERPs. The process is getting very complicated for the companies because the rules keep on changing, so your team needs to be on the top of their game to ensure that they are up to with all that is changing around them and also keep pace with their competitors. Here are five ways to manage your online reputation in google search.

What comes on SERP results when people look for your brand? 

To begin with, it will always prove worthwhile to investigate what people are getting to see when they search for the keywords of your brands on Google and other search engines. Many companies are providing affordable SEO packages. You can choose any one as your need.


It can be anything from universal search integrations to Twitter cards along with paid search results. And you should also not forget that you need to analyze what results are showing depending on the different countries and regions and devices. 

All the elements that appear what do you actually own or control? 

You can for sure have a lot of control over what is on your website and other social media handles of you. Managing reputation goes beyond pushing negative points about your company lower and improving rankings of the positive material that is out there.

It is more than just a balancing act. To efficiently manage the reputation of your company on Google, you need to do a lot of things to get the basics right. First you need to make sure that any and all information about you out there is true in every sense of the term and there is no error at all. 

Truth goes a lot in establishing turn and people are inclined to trust credible sources more than the others. All of these will definitely find their way into SERPs, so it is advisable to take stock of that. You need to always check just how are you being represented in the industry profiles because everything will come up in SERPs.

3. How is your brand communicated in elements of SERPs under your control? 

You need to make sure that everything on your pages that are in your control are always on message. You need to make sure that the content is always up to date. You need to check if the elements showing up on SERP about your brand actually do highlight the positive attributes about you company or not. 

You always need to make sure that whatever is it that you are saying or claiming is the same across all different platforms and elements and that is inclusive of images and videos and online slide presentations.

4. Are you able to maximize the visibility in the SERPs of elements that are under your control? 

You need to see if you are able to push the parts that are under your control to make sure that they reach and acclaim higher up rankings in search engine pages. This is a tricky terrain and you will need the best phoenix SEO expert guiding you forward. 

This part is inclusive of making sure that the pages and the properties on them are optimized to the best of your abilities and you need to pay attention to integral facets such as site speed and load time as well as internal linking. 

It also includes optimizing the content on the pages and earning backlinks from them along with mentions from other sites, all of which collectively have an impact on the performance of a domain in ensuring the overall results. 

5. Are you able to influence the parts that you don’t own or control?  

No matter how hard you try, there are just some elements that will appear in the results that will be beyond you in every way imaginable. You can’t own them or control them directly and they still have a lot of impact in determining the rank of the SERPs on your brand. 

This is inclusive of other sites that mention your company, including and especially your competitors and partners to online forums and industry insiders and watchdogs. Even when you can’t exert direct control over what is being published, you still can exert a lot of influence in the eventual outcome. 

If you find that something is being incorrectly claimed about you, you can always reach out the owner of the host to take it down or correct it for you. If there is a negative post about you, which is malicious and slanderous in nature, you can either choose to respond to it or ask the author to take it down. 

You can also report such posts on almost all social media websites and other platforms and also hold them for libel.

Wrapping Up

Online reputation management should be on the agenda of every company who is trying to have a robust online presence for them. It matters more than what is given credit for by some companies, and these are the same companies who lag behind the other players in the same niche and in the same industry, with pretty much the same level of products and services. 

This is something which needs to be taken care of and not left to accidental chance, because you are the creator of your destiny and the internet is more controlled than just being a random bunch of mess. 

Everyone is using the internet to the best of their ability to get more out of it, and you should do the same, if you wish to get more out of it, for your own sake.

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