What Makes Your Uber Clone App Safer To Ride For Your Users

When we talk about taxi booking apps, we normally refer to Uber-style taxi apps. With over 80 countries and 75 million passengers, the network is still expanding.

As a result, Uber’s professionalism and safety are demonstrated. Along with providing doorstep cab service, Uber prioritizes passenger safety, which has resulted in a large customer base for the app.

As a result, if you’re wanting to create an app similar to Uber, make sure that you pay attention to the Latest Features and Functionalities as well.

V3Cube is a forerunner in the field of On-Demand Apps, and producing Uber Clone Taxi Booking Apps is one of their specialties. The add-ons that you should think about when designing an Uber clone app are listed below. Discuss it with the app development team to see how you can move forward.

These are the Uber Clone Taxi Booking Safety Features, along with a brief explanation of their importance:

Uber Clone Taxi Booking Features That Makes It Safe For Your Riders

SOS /Emergency Panic Button

Allow your passenger to activate the Panic Button in the event of an emergency. He can immediately contact authorities, and notification with his specific location will be sent to three of his connections and the site administrator.       

Geo-fencing ? Pickup and Drop Restriction

With this function, you can divide practicable and non-doable zones according to your preferences. By using geo-fencing and avoiding pick-up and drop-in crime-prone or risky after-dark locations, you may avoid these areas.

VOIP based call masking

Allow your users to use the Internet to hide their calls to safeguard their identities. Users and drivers can connect without having to share their phone numbers.

Constant GPS tracking provides legal protection.

If your driver is “ON TRIP,” you will be able to track his movements; should anything go wrong, you will have access to details for legal assistance.

Security /Sensitive data protection

This includes installing an SSL certificate and adding an extra degree of security on top of our optimized code. This assures your users that they may conduct financial transactions on the App without fear of security issues. ?

Tracing rides by family/friends

This assures your users that they may conduct financial transactions on the App without fear of security issues.

Block fraud riders/drivers

As an admin, you’ll have full access to the application’s activity, including the activity of users and passengers. You can block profiles if a user cancels too many rides or a driver declines the majority of the rides. These profiles will be unable to both offer and book rides.

Apart from this, Uber Clone App comes integrated with COVID19 Safety Features such as:

Restricted passengers limit

The only effective approach to prevent virus transmission from spreading is to avoid personal contact with other individuals. As a result, taxi drivers can now limit the number of passengers allowed in their vehicles. Regardless of the vehicle’s capacity, the drivers have the option of manually selecting the number of seats they want to make available.

Face mask verifications

The usage of facial masks is one of the first and most important official rules for conduct during CoVid 19. Your drivers will be able to start a ride only if they are wearing their face masks, thanks to this app function. The Driver must take a selfie while wearing the mask and upload it to the app. The software will then authorize them to begin the ride.

Safety checklists

Catching a ride at CoVid 19 has become slightly safer now when the majority of the people are aware of the necessary safety procedures. The app, however, presents a safety checklist to both riders and drivers at the beginning of the trip for the benefit of those who aren’t informed of the same and to assure that everyone’s safety is protected.

Ride cancellations

One must be concerned about their safety. Although the app makes it very apparent what the government’s safety laws are, if the Rider or the Driver refuses to comply, the other party reserves the right to cancel the ride, alleging a failure of safety precautions as the cause.

Safety ratings and reviews

While the app permits every conceivable safety precaution to be followed if the Driver or the Rider disregards these restrictions and fails to follow through, both the Driver and the Rider have the right to rate each other on this factor in the future.

In Conclusion

The basic line is that you must be careful when putting the features in place. When creating a taxi booking app like Uber under your company?s name make sure it reflects your brand and promotes your services.

Replicating ditto will simply disappoint your users because you didn’t put any thought into it. It’s pointless to offer an Uber Clone App that looks exactly like the original. It’s merely the spark of an idea for a company model that you should use.

Create a user-friendly interface with easy navigation, user-centric features, necessary safety features, and functionalities to automate taxi operations.

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