Garage Gym Flooring

Looking to create a bespoke training and fitness zone in your garage home gym? From sponge flooring to heavy duty rubber mats, our best selling gym flooring will give your garage the attention it deserves.


The material rubber is very durable and extremely resilient. So. it guarantees stability, offers a good grip, can withstand heavy weights and high impact activity, and acts soft and comfortable underfoot. Other than that, these gym floor mats also offer superb cushioning and shock absorption.

Rubber floor tiles for gyms are long lasting, affordable, and easy to install. Thus, they are used in a wide variety of ways to set up an ideal place for any workout environment. The gym tiles are clicked in together like puzzle pieces and put together. So, they can easily fill any floor space and be added at any time. Alongside these things, rubber flooring tiles perform and look great within an enclosed area.

Rubber flooring mats are the most ideal option for commercial gyms. Rubber gym mats are quite durable and very economical, so they are perfect for crowded areas and large spaces. Moreover,  rubber gym mats provide an elegant seamless appearance that you might not get with rubber gym tiles. Other than that, rubber gym matting is often denser than rubber tiles, so they are perfect for functional zones where treadmills and cable pulleys are used often. Also, flooring of rubber material can perfectly complement the theme of the sports facility.

rubber gym matting

Furthermore, the rubber gym matting is large and heavy, and typically glued or taped down to install a safe workout surface. Thus, they are a more permanent flooring option than rubber tiles for any workout area.

At Sprung, the rubber gym tiles are made from recycled rubber materials. They are typically square in shape but can be easily cut into pieces so that they perfectly fit your floor space. We offer floor tiles for gyms in a variety of textures and colours. So you can easily choose the flooring tiles that match the interior decor of your gym.

Likewise, we also offer a wide variety of rubber gym floors that you can explore in our collection. You can simply go through our collection and find the most ultra-durable gym floor mats that may fit your needs. So, if you want to purchase flooring for your container gym at the most affordable price, get in touch with us at the earliest!


Our Sprung rubber gym surfaces will significantly reduce noise transmission from heavy weight impact both in the gym and in adjacent spaces.

Sports Flooring

Sprung flooring has options designed for all your specific sports in mind from Yoga to Martial Arts, to Basketball, and more. Easy to install and maintain, you won’t find a better option in the UK.

Playground Tiles

Safety is the number one priority on a playground or playset, which is why we have designed these playground tiles. Our premium rubber tiles with UV particles withstand all weather conditions, have maximum shock absorption and anti-fatigue properties that allow safe and comfortable play free from slips or injury.

At Sprung, we aim is to provide the ultimate rubber gym flooring solution to our clients. We take pride to say that we are one of the most reputed brands in this industry that offer an extensive collection of premium quality grade customized outdoor and indoor rubber floorings. Whether it is the quality of the product or about its development, we strive for excellence in everything w do. With full customer assistance and timely deliverance. each of our endeavours helps our clients to receive the best quality product that has stood the test of competition and time.

Here, we have a wide collection of rubber gym flooring, rubber gym mats, or gym floor tiles of different designs, colours, and styles. Because of our exclusive collection of gym flooring UK, we have earned a huge repertoire with a clientele that ranges from schools to gyms to yoga centres. We adhere to strict quality checks of the products we offer. So., no matter what type of flooring you purchase from us, you can rest assured about the quality of the items.

Moreover, we have got a team of experts who have years of experience in offering our clients all kinds of installation and maintenance services with the ultimate quality of gym flooring UK. So, here, we can guarantee that you will find assured quality without any compromise. We use the best quality raw .material that help us create a rubber flooring mat that is second to none.

Apart from that, we also do our duty to protect our environment and make sure that all our products can be used end to end, i.e., they are made from recycled material and can again be recycled when not in use anymore. This is also the reason why our matting for gym floors are high in demand and are effective in meeting our clients’ flooring needs.

So, what more are you waiting for? If you want to grab the best quality gym floor tiles or gym matting UK, think of reaching out to us. We promise to do our best to help you get the best matting for gym floors at the best gym matting UK deals. However, you have to take the first step and get in touch with us first. So, without any further delay, come and connect with us today!

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