How Can You Make Your Old Leather Items Look Like New

There’s no doubt that leather can look great in any environment you proceed to use it in. From leather furniture to accessories – there is no shortage of leather items to buy these days. However, we can understand that it can indeed prove to be very time consuming, especially when you have to take care of your leather consistently so that your leather items maintain their overall look & feel. 

Therefore, to assist you with the same, we have formulated this extensive guide containing all the essential tips that you’ll need to follow to keep your old leather items looking good as new. So, without wasting any more precious minutes, let’s jump on the topic right away.

Procedures To Follow To Make Your Old Leather Items Looking Good As New

Don’t Expose Your Leather Items To Direct Sunlight

According to a professional service provider for dirty bus seat cleaning services, it’s natural for leather to fade away over an extended period. Even though some people tend to prefer the faded look of their leather products, the desire for the shiny leather finish is almost universal. Thus, one of the ideal ways through which you can restore a new look into your old leather items is by not exposing them to direct sunlight. Even if you keep your leather items indoors most of the time, it doesn’t mean that they are not exposed to sunlight. 

For example, if you keep your leather couch beside your windows, sunlight can easily penetrate the window glasses and fall on your leather sofa surface. As a result, your leather sofa will continue to fade over time. However, it must be noted that this change doesn’t happen overnight and takes months or even years. Exposing any leather product to direct sunlight for a couple of months will easily change its overall appearance. So, it’s recommended that you keep your leather items inside your wardrobe or closet, when not in use.

Condition & Moisturise Your Leather Items At Regular Intervals

In case you have been mistreating your leather items for a long period, then we suggested giving them a deep cleaning. Your leather item is ageing mainly because of dehydration. To eliminate such a problem, you need to apply leather moisturiser. The moisturiser will provide a sufficient amount of oils and moisture to the leather surface. After you use moisturiser, you have to use a conditioner

The conditioner will tackle the dryness of your leather item. Moreover, it will also prevent any future cracks. Thus, it’s essential to be highly cautious when trying to apply conditioner to your leather items. The following are some crucial tips that you can follow:

  • Avoid applying moisturiser or conditioner on any detailing on the leather product. The best idea would be to cover or remove them. 
  • After applying the moisturiser, allow your leather item to dry before applying the conditioner. 
  • Always use a minimal amount of both the moisturiser and the conditioner. Using a minimal amount can indeed go a long way. 
  • To apply either the moisturiser or the conditioner, you have to use a sponge or a warm cloth.
  • Lastly, allow the conditioner to soak into the leather overnight. 
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